Taiwan Index Turned Red!

As AMD was downgraded by the investment bank, the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index fell 1.55% on Friday, which led to the weakening of Taiwan’s electronic stocks on Monday. The Taiwan index therefore returned to around 9760 points. Fortunately, the mainland stocks continued to rebound strongly. The positive effect of the positive speech is still there, driving the buying back to warm up. Instead, the Taiwanese index turned from black to red, and the final small increase of 34 points to 9935 points.

Reverse spread
The spot reverse price difference rose from 18 points to 39 points, indicating that the market is still not strong against the market outlook, and there is still some room for correction in the short term.

Foreign capital reduction net long single

Foreign capital only sold slightly over RMB 0.1 billion on Monday. The doubts about the outflow of funds were slightly slower, and the net futures of futures were reduced by 6,286 to 27,930.

The Taiwan index rose slightly and stood on the 5-day moving average. It opened lower for 2 consecutive days, indicating that the downside has been partially supported. However, the futures price difference is still high. Recently, the international political and economic situation has not stabilized, and the Taiwan index is vulnerable. To return to 10,000 points.