Taiwan Stocksrose More than 111 Points

Taiwan stocks to lead by Pingxiong in the early morning of this (15) day. They rose more than 111 points, broke the 12300 point mark, and hit a new 30-year high. However, because today coincides with the settlement of the Taiwan Index, more Under the air combat, the market pulled back to shock and turned black, once fell below the 5-day line, the final fell slightly 6.16 points to close at 12202.85 points, close to the 12200 points barrier.

Among the listed Taiwanese stocks, including electromechanics, automobiles, cables, other, steel, tourism, non-gold electricity, food, construction, transportation, non-electricity, department stores, textiles, cement, other electronics, glass, finance, rubber, plastics, Dentsu The index all received a red, among which the electromechanical group showed the strongest performance, up nearly 3%, and the weakest group was the biomedical group, with a decline of 1.18%.

The counter buying index also opened higher and fluctuated lower, falling 2.18 points to close at 167.86 points, with a turnover of 80.74 billion yuan. As for the shoals, only shipping, other, and construction ethnic groups have stabilized, while the rest have blackened. The most vulnerable group is also the biomedical ethnic group, with a drop of 3.11%.

In terms of electronic weighted stocks, TSMC re-innovated a sky-high price of 370 yuan in early trading. After midday, it fell into a shock, which fell 0.13% to close at 363 yuan. Shareholder Daliguang also shocked and turned black, dragging down by 0.12% . Failed to stand back to the 5-day line; Hon Hai stood steady on the way, rising 0.34%, and defended the 5-day line; MediaTek‘s trend was relatively volatile, long and short sawing stalemate, once fell below the 600 yuan barrier, The final game fell 0.32%.

The selling pressure of the biomedicine group was heavy, and the unity and Zhongtian entered the daily limit on the 3rd. Huanrui Medicine, Yashikang-KY, Xing Guo, Yanuofa, Jingyu also fell, and Xinghui, Shunyao, Yu Wei, Shenghuake, Taiwan Microsystems, and Yida all declined more than 7%.

IC design groups have seen mixed ups and downs, low-priced stocks have strengthened, Kang Cheng and Kaibo Industrial have turned on the daily limit, and Xunjie, Dot Crystal, and Century have also risen by more than 3%. Jinlike was hit into the lower limit, and Creative, Liwang, Genesys Logic and Anguo fell by more than half of the stoppage. Weiquan Power, Hideway, Nuvoton, VIA, Chongpeng, Lianyang and Zhixin all fell more than 3%.


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US stocks rose sharply on Tuesday, inspiring Taiwan stocks to lead by Pingxiong in the early morning of this (15) day. They rose more than 111 points.

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