“Former Turkish PM Davutoğlu Organized A Coup Meeting Against Erdoğan”

Hülya Karahan


The debate that began over  Former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and pro governmen media is moving to court. It is claimed that Davutoğlu organized a coup meeting against Turkish President Erdoğan.

Turkish journalist, Süleyman Özışık  claimed that Ahmaet Davutoğlu organized a coup meeting against President Erdoğan. Özışık, used to on the side of  Gülenist organisation.  During AKP-Gülenist fight he stans for AKP.

Özışık said: “The people around Davutoglu have organized campaigns that

‘ Period of  Erdoğan  is over, Davudoğlu period has begun’ and they invited me to a meeting. ‘ They said that 
We will pull down these names who colse to AK Party and the President Erdoğan’ Are you with us or not? ‘ “I said have you lost your mind . ”

Who were they going to pull down

Pro Erdoğan columnist Fuat Uğur enlarged the debate. Uğur wrote an article said: “I called Süleyman Özışık and gave me an open and sincere reply,”  Person who  the organizer of the meeting, was in charge of social media,  For Ahmet Davotoğlu. I do not know his name, but I asked said, “But he said  “I told his name Presidendt Erdoğan’s adviser Mustafa Varank and Süleyman Soylu. By the way, the meeting was one-on-one. However, occasionally Davutoglu’s other advisors, Osman Sert and Ali Sarıkaya, joined the phone and made promises in the same way. What names are they going to pull down from which media? I said, ‘The names you know are brother’ and he said, Hilal Kaplan, Haşmet Babaoglu, Ahmet Kekeç, Melih Altinok, Kurtuluş Tayiz and other known writers who may come to your mind, newspaper directors

I do not know why Süleyman Özışık spoke like this. Wow, man, maybe I said that. But ‘I’m not what I’m going through’. “Fuat Ugur  said.