Taiwan’s Auto Market has been Booming

Since the 1990s, Taiwan’s auto market has been booming rapidly. On the one hand, it has also accompanied the rise of self-displacement shifting systems. Therefore, after the mid-1990s, Taiwan’s auto market has fewer and fewer hand-pick options, and even wants to start driving. People have no cars to buy. After this unbalanced phenomenon lasted for more than a decade, the supporters of the hand-carriage gradually accumulated a large volume of sound, often saying “I will buy it when I buy it”, but in fact there are car dealers. When you enter the car, you will face the dilemma that the car can’t be sold and people are not interested.

At this stage, BMW distributor Pantech still opens the order for M4 Coupe to take over the car.

In fact, the hand row and the self-discharge are just the phenomenon of the development of automobile culture. In the European region where the car started to spread earlier, the general self-discipline system has not formed a climate. Therefore, everyone is buying a car, so on behalf of the generation. Chuan, because the young members of the family began to learn to drive the cars used by the elders, so they maintain the habit and tradition of driving.


In such a market atmosphere, there is no reason for car dealers to follow the mainstream demand to introduce hand-cranked cars. Domestic car manufacturers will not produce hand-cranked cars, because most consumers will not buy them, plus a small number of hand-drawn cars. It also involves the complicated problems of new car regulations and logistics parts preparation. Most car dealers will choose to abandon this niche market with difficulties in profitability, and there are only a handful of choices for new domestic hand trucks.

Recently, many domestic media peers often misrepresented the remarks of foreign car manufacturers’ performance car R&D department heads (such as BMW’s M department). It is said that the hand trucks will go to the end and be completely eliminated by self-discharge. This is a ridiculous saying. As everyone knows, this is the view of the high-performance car at the top of the pyramid. The performance model requires more shifting systems to achieve the power performance. The limit of the manual transmission is 6 (the very few hand-held 7-speed cars are very Difficult to open), they want to emphasize that the performance car needs more gear, so it is no longer suitable for the configuration of the hand gearbox.

However, for the general-priced Volkswagen models, the hand row is still an economical and reliable choice. If you travel to Europe, you will find that most of the cheap national cars on the street will be hand-plated, if the car factory no longer launches the hand. If you are arranging a car, I am afraid that it will set off a more serious disaster than the yellow vest. Therefore, there are not many new cars in the Taiwan market. It does not mean that the world does not drive cars. Each region has different characteristics and characteristics of automobile culture