The “award-winning” actress Jasmine Trinca faces a comic film for the first time. In “Croce e delizia” she plays Penelope.

After winning 12 prizes between David, Venice and Cannes, she seeks new baskets of words, she continues to think of the last without sleeves: “I’m very far from the policy that my country expresses on the theme of reception arrogating the right to decide the fate of human beings who have just been wrong to be born on the wrong side of the world and, despite being against it, are equally responsible for it “, still pedaling in unknown territories. For Simone Godano, able to convince her, her faces a comic film for the first time. In Croce e delizia he interprets Penelope: «In spite of the people who are close to me, they doubted me”.

Her character, Penelope, is anchored to a family dynamic that seems immutable.
“She’s a kind of interrupted adult, enveloped in the family without the possibility of detaching herself from a father whom she suspects disapproval of him or at least does not love her like her sister. At the same time, Penelope is incapable, like many people I know, to sever the thread with her parents and walk with her own legs. He complains and has an air of severe reproach, but he can not make the jump. To free himself and even free his parents from the role to which a crystallized situation forces them “.

How did you manage it?
“I have made a virtue of necessity. When I was young, growing up with a single mother who worked a lot, I was a could adapt.