Recent studies by the American Medical Association and the University of UCLA in California have shown that after testing 53 diet programs, they were completely useless.

“Diets do not result in the desired weight loss in 87% of the time and have no health benefits for most people … Worse, 41% of people on a diet regain weight”.

At the beginning of this little revolution, which shakes the diet industry, is a certain Jan Kaminski, nutritionist and successful author of various health publications.

He discovered a form of diet that may not seem intuitive at first. However, it is a very effective solution to get overweight and the associated problems once and for all.

“I have analyzed over 357 clinical trials and interviewed leading nutrition and health experts . I am very pleased with the initial results given the radical and rapid physical changes that I have seen in over 100 clients.”

Science now calls this discovery the “Hollywood hormone”.

Our organism produces this hormone completely naturally in large quantities when we are young. But when we are in our thirties or forties (or older), we only produce a very small amount of it.

By stimulating the production of this hormone in the body, people over 40 can effectively and effortlessly lose weight.

Kaminsiki reveals:

“The secret is based on two pillars:

First, it’s about avoiding over a dozen so-called “healthy” foods that most nutritionists recommend …. However, these have been shown to increase fatigue, cell aging and weight gain by reducing the amount of “weight loss hormones” in your body.
Second, a ritual of a few simple exercises for 5 minutes before bed is necessary to stimulate the production of “weight loss hormones” during sleep.

By adhering to these simple principles, hundreds of clients have experienced impressive and, above all, lasting changes (which is most important to me). ”


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