The Best-Selling Smartphone in Korea

The best-selling smartphone in Korea is Samsung’s low-end LTE phone’Galaxy A31′
Consumption sentiment contracted in the aftermath of Corona and consumer demand felt burdened by 5G plan conversion
Samsung’s’Galaxy A90 5G’,’Galaxy Wide 4’and’Apple iPhone SE’ are among the top mid-range phones.

It was found that the product that sold the most in the domestic smartphone market last year was not the Samsung Galaxy S20.

According to a market research firm Counterpoint Research on the 18th, it was found that the Samsung Galaxy A31, which is an LTE-only phone, was the most popular smartphone in the country in 2020, not a 5G phone.

When launched in May last year, this product is a low-end strategic phone with strengths in high-spec cost performance, including a quad camera that supports close-ups and a 5000mAh large-capacity battery, and supports Samsung Pay, which is a simple payment, despite the factory price of 300,000 won. Samsung’s LTE user-centered replacement demand, which felt burdened by the 5G plan conversion, was well driven and became an annual million seller.

Looking at the share of the domestic smartphone market by price range, the share of sales of less than $400 (about 440,000 won) accounted for 41%, an increase of 7 percentage points from 2019, while the share of sales of more than $800 (approximately 880,000 won) decreased by 6 percentage points. It was 32%. It is analyzed that it was last year when consumers who preferred entry-level smartphones became prominent in the aftermath of Corona 19.

Top 10 best seller in the domestic smartphone market in 2020.
The domestic smartphone market in 2020 declined by 6% compared to the previous year due to economic uncertainty and the aftermath of shrinking consumer sentiment due to the spread of corona.

In the first quarter of 2020, the market fell by more than 20% compared to the previous quarter, and after a severe blow, the market showed a gradual recovery, led by Samsung Electronics and Apple’s mid-to-low-end model line-ups, but on an annual basis. It was analyzed that the proportion of 5G smartphones was 46%, which increased significantly from the level of 26% last year, and entered the stage of popularization.

Samsung Electronics recorded a market share of 65%, slightly exceeding the previous year’s level, with the Galaxy A series’ continued popularity throughout the year and the counterattack of the Galaxy Note 20 series in the second half.

Apple recorded a 20% market share, up 2 percentage points year-on-year, expanding its position compared to the previous year due to the continued solid demand for the old iPhone 11 series and the strong sales of the iPhone 12 series launched in the fourth quarter.

Provides counterpoint research
LG Electronics recorded a 13% market share, down 3 percentage points from the previous year, as flagship models such as Velvet and Wing did not show clear results in mid- to low-end models.

Lee Yun-jung, an analyst at Counterpoint Research, said, “It seems that the A-series played a big role in the ability of Samsung to maintain a solid performance despite various adverse conditions.” The position of Samsung and Apple will be further strengthened this year.

It looks like” he explained.

At the same time, “Samsung will reinforce its strategy for the Galaxy S21 series in March-April, when the contract period for existing users of the old model ends, and will try to differentiate it from Apple by expanding various foldable phone lineups.” If we secure a monopoly position in the mid- to low-end market, we can expect more meaningful results this year.”

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