The Change of Design “Hyundai Equus”

The EQ900, which has the title of the finest cars in Korea, was launched in 1999 by EQUUS, an angular design that co-developed with Japan’s Mitsubishi.

Now, of course, it has evolved to the third generation, and soon the face lift of the third generation model is ahead. We already have a media preview event, but since it has not been officially released yet, we are aware of the change in the situation. The G90’s headlamps, which will be replaced, will have an innovative image using LEDs.

The history of the Korean super-sized passenger car, which was started with Equus, has been 20 years now. In 2008, the second-generation model was named Curvy Design in 2008, and in 2016 the third-generation model was named EQ900 instead of the name of Equus. And the third generation model is now ahead of the face lift.

The first generation of Equus was a vehicle based on the New Granger (Mitsubishi’s New De Bonne) platform, which appeared in 1992 when it was a front-wheel drive system. Of course, the car was much bigger than the New Grandeur, and the car design was a hefty design, unlike the New Granger, which was curvy. However, the proportions of the car were conservative with long hoods and decks, emphasizing the image of flagship as being the finest domestic car. Of course, it was not emphasized that it was the front wheel rolling method.

However, from the second generation Ekus that appeared in 2008, adopting the rear-wheel drive system, it has the same formula as the European luxury sedan. Since then, the Genesis brand has emerged as a separate brand in 2015, distinguishing itself as a radiator grille with the motif of the Crest Grille shield as its unique design identity element.

Almost at the same time, however, Hyundai Motors began to apply a slightly more curved radiator grille to the Grasser, Sonata and i30 cars, called the Cascading Grille. Of course, these two grille crests and cascades have the same shape, with no fundamental difference in the formative analysis of the topology concept, although there is a difference between being slightly angled and relatively curvilinear. It was a fact that it was difficult to show the difference between the public brand and the premium brand as a minor difference.

The front-side design image of the newly launched face lift G90 has begun to distinguish the design molding of the Genesis brand from the car of Hyundai Motor brand, so the Genesis brand is clearly different from the car design of Hyundai brand in the future It seems to be organized in the direction. Here, LED technology is used in headlamps, and the design of the Genesis brand, including the G90, is expected to show a clearer overall differentiation.