The Corona Increases Interest in Robots

Personal robotics company Temi has completed another $ 15 million raise, and is now targeting the business market. CEO of Techtime.

Robotics company Temi Global, which developed the personal robot Temi, has completed another $ 15 million fundraiser. The fundraising round was led by the Joy Capital Fund, which also included investor John W. who has invested more than $ 30 million in Temi to date. Wu was one of the founders of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and served as its chief technology officer for about a decade.

Established in 2016, Tami Global has developed a personalized robot that is a hybrid between an Android-based tablet and a mobile robotic platform, powered by voice instructions and hand gestures. The robot includes obstacle detection and path planning, knows how to identify its owner, follow it, and perform various tasks, all without the need for a keyboard or touch screen. For example, he makes video calls without the use of hands, conducts private lessons, can shop online, help the doctor visit patients and even look after the children. The user can also control the robot remotely via an app, move it around the house and track what is going on.

However, the current recruitment is being done against a backdrop of the company’s business focus and penetration into additional markets beyond the home robotics market. Talking to Techtime, CEO Gal Goren said about the business turnaround. Tammy‘s abilities are a great fit for those environments. ”

Wave says that adapting Tammy to these applications did not require any hardware change, but only at the software level and the platform. By adjusting the software, you can use Tami to guide customers in the supermarket to find a wanted product or to accompany a hotel guest to his room. “Any business can customize Tammy‘s branding, speech, and functions to easily become a smart business.”

One of the company’s main markets is East Asian countries, such as China, Japan and South Korea, which are known for their higher willingness to adopt robotic solutions. It turns out that one of the current catalysts for the company’s robot penetration beyond the home market is the Corona crisis. The company noted that today, hundreds of company robots are deployed in hospitals and nursing homes in Hong Kong, South Korea and China, helping to reduce the risk of infection by taking remote heat samples and distributing sanitary measures on the robot tray, and also allow family, doctors and patients to communicate  each other. Through video calls.

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Personal robotics company Temi has completed another $ 15 million raise, and is now targeting the business market. CEO of Techtime.

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