The European Union Rrefuses to Recognize the Sudanese Military Transition

EU foreign affairs commissioner Federica Mugherini said the EU would not recognize the legitimacy of the transitional military junta in Sudan, calling for a civilian-led transition.

Does the lack of European recognition of Sudanese transition speed up the handover of power to a civilian administration?

During a speech at the assembly of the European Parliament held in Strasbourg, Mugrini said that the Union has expectations from the military council to “take steps to increase confidence”, including the release of political prisoners, and punish officials of the security forces for attacks on demonstrators, Many of them during the last period.

She noted that taking these steps enables the launching of meaningful political talks between all parties in the country.

Mujerini expressed the desire of the Union to take over the leadership of civilians in the transitional period, and its support for the demands of the African Union in this regard.

A tripartite international call for the Sudanese parties to a comprehensive dialogue and transition to civilian rule
The African Union on Monday threatened to suspend Sudan’s membership if the military, which has ruled the country since ousting President Omar al-Bashir, does not give up power for a “civilian political administration” within 15 days.

On April 11, Sudan’s military dismissed Bashir as a result of popular protests since the end of last year, and formed a transitional military council, which has a two-year term.

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