How Coffee And Tea Affect Your Productivity

Technically, caffeine from any source will behave similarly once it enters your body-that is, “juice as an adult”-but from personal experience, you will know that this is not entirely true. Here, we evaluate coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc. This is the only really important criterion: how long they can help you through your entire working day.

Many people like to go to coffee shops, not only chatting with friends and discussing business, but also working and studying there. Many world-class writers almost spend their lives in coffee shops. However, a public environment accompanied by noisy human voices and figures coming and going would be distracting. Scientists have several interesting explanations for why it can be turned into productivity and creativity.

Let’s start with Homo sapiens. Scientists believe that Homo sapiens are the only group of early primitive humans who migrated to the world. Since migration is a very risky behavior, scientists believe that the human brain instinctively pursues novelty and should be the main driving force behind it. Just as people always open their eyes to find new and exciting things, the environment where the body is located will also have a huge impact on people’s brains.

Based on this theory, the coffee shop may make your attention and motivation soar. Psychologist Marvin Zuckerman explained that when people are exposed to new stimuli, the brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical that feels good. It was previously considered a reward. However, recent studies have found that dopamine is actually more closely related to motivation. Dopamine motivates people to seek rewards, not as rewards themselves.

As for the rewards of the coffee shop scene?

Sitting in a new environment and working in a new position is one of the ways to exercise the brain’s neuroplasticity. In other words, when faced with new stimuli brought by the environment, the brain will create new ways and mechanisms to complete tasks, You throw away the original thinking framework and think from a different perspective.

Scientists believe that environmental cues are essential in habit formation, partly because the brain associates the environment with specific situations, so even working in a very high-level and comfortable office will fall into the routine. If you feel that you have developed some bad habits unknowingly in your daily work space, then going to some new environment can help inspire new ways of working.

Why work efficiently in a coffee shop? Scientists confirm that “this” increases productivity

Another argument is that gathering the right people together can increase productivity. Belgian researchers confirmed that when we see other people working, we will put in more effort. The audience effect is also happening, and having a small audience can improve performance. This is exactly what the cafe can provide.

It is generally believed that work must be extremely quiet to be efficient, but in fact, it is easier to concentrate in a place that is too quiet, but it may inhibit the space for abstract thinking, and moderate coffee shop sounds can distract people, and at the same time It also allows the brain to think more broadly. Researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada found that 70 decibels of ambient sound can increase creativity and productivity, but a quiet room of 50 decibels and too much noise at 85 decibels will have the opposite effect.

Changing environments to work can stimulate dopamine and unlock your brain’s creativity and productivity. Therefore, if you need to find more and faster solutions to daily tasks, and occasionally leave the office you are used to, changing the environment may help.

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