The Governor is Banning Outsiders from Buying Holiday Houses

The governor of the province of Bolzano, Arno Kompatscher, has intervened to preserve the right (he says legitimate and in danger) of the South Tyrolean people to live in their homeland will not be able to buy houses in that region if they are not residents.

This is what establishes the provision approved by the governor’s junta. The bandoes not apply to all municipalities but affects 25 municipalities and 26 hamlets, which, however, are also places with “high tourist density”. In these areas (Alta Badia, Val Pusteria, Val Gardena, Meran), only those who live in Alto Adige for at least four years can buy a house.

Kompatscher himself motivated this action by saying that local youths are no longer able to find affordable homes because they would all be owned by tourists. However, the government has not blocked this provision which, at least, seems to be at the limit of unconstitutionality.

In the rest of the world something similar has already happened, although the cases can not be compared. Because New Zealand, which however is a nation in all respects, has banned the purchase of houses to foreign buyers. An example that the mayor of Berlin said considering the possibility of allowing the purchase of property in the city only to the Germans.