Bugatti Divo Already Available Price 5 Million Euros VİDEO

Just two years after launching Chiron, Bugatti is already unveiling a new model, the Divo, at the Pebble Beach Elegance Contest.

A stark contrast to the legendary Veyron, which will remain in the catalog for almost a decade. But the goal is not to expand the range of the prestigious brand. The 40 expected copies of the newcomer are in fact already sold ….

To Chiron owners. Yet, its price reaches no less than 5 million euros, double that of its eldest, while its technical sheet is not more impressive. On the contrary, even, since the top speed is here constrained to 380 km / h “hardly”, instead of 420 km / h. On the other hand, the quadriturbo W16 8.0 retains its 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm of torque, while remaining associated with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and an all-wheel drive.

To justify its price, the Divo therefore counts above all on its original body. With changes that have not only an aesthetic vocation, since Bugatti also claims an increased deportance of 90 kg compared to Chiron. The aerodynamics have been totally revised with a new front spoiler more intimidating, a redesigned extractor and a rear wing 23% larger, the inclination can always vary to allow it to serve as an airbrake. The maximum support now reaches 496 kg, and this tandem would now be able to inflict lateral accelerations of up to 1.6 g. For a weight still close to two tons, this figure impresses. A lightened audio system, fewer insulating materials or the removal of some storage would however save 35 kg compared to the Chiron, while management and depreciation are also reworked.

This Divo is saving some insulating materials and some storage.

This Divo would thus be 8 seconds faster than its predecessor on the Chiron maneuverability circuit, with the help of increased camber that helps limit its speed.

It puts the efficiency in turn before the records in a straight line, a first for a Bugatti built under the aegis of the Volkswagen Group. Winner twice of the very demanding Targa Florio, in Sicily, at the wheel of a Type 35 B, in 1928 and 1929, the French pilot Albert Divo would probably have approved this philosophical turnaround. But with a 0 to 100 km / h loop in 2.4 seconds, the latest Molsheim remains above all a formidable dragster. On a winding course or in the climb of the Turini, no hope to find the agility of the new Alpine A110, another sport made in France with a radically opposite specifications.