The PSOE Will not Negotiate Anything of the Motion and Asks Cs not to Maree with Elections

The Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, has said that his party will not negotiate “nothing” of the motion of censure because it is the “only alternative” to the “downcast” government of Rajoy and has called on Citizens to stop “dizzy” with the elections.

“Who has no other alternative is Spain, because they have put us directly into ungovernability,” he stressed at an event in the Valencian town of Torrent, where he has called on Citizens to “stop getting dizzy” with the elections. Ábalos has been convinced that the censorship of the PSOE is “the only alternative that Spain has” to a government “dejected, politically and morally cornered”.

Citizens rejected on Saturday the motion of censorship registered by the leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, and described it as “irresponsible.” José Manuel Villegas offered to agree in his place “an instrumental motion” without Albert Rivera or Sánchez of candidates to go to elections.

Ábalos this Sunday has sent a clear message to the party of Albert Rivera, who has claimed that “sacrifice a little bit your anxiety demoscópica, that nothing happens to wait a few or a few months.” “They see too much the duster and do not want to make this contribution for Spain,” he has reproached Rivera.

The PSOE appeals to the responsibility of the 350 deputies
He has also insisted on appealing to “the 350 constitutional deputies, to their responsibility,” to make it clear that the PSOE is not going to “fumigate anyone who has that status,” in reference to the criticism that the Socialists have received about the possibility of that the motion of censure be supported by the independentistas and by EH Bildu.

“In the responsibility of each will be doing what you have to do,” he added. “And as the situation is what it is, we do not want to negotiate anything, because all we want is to give what this country lacks, democratic quality,” he added.

The dilemma facing the 350 deputies, in his opinion, is “if they are willing to tolerate a government to sustain itself in a network of institutional corruption,” in reference to the Gürtel ruling.

“Everything else is worth nothing, it is immorality,” he said, and immediately considered that “everything is a matter of speaking it, of being able to understand”, but “neither corruption nor indecency” can be tolerated. In fact, for Ábalos, “the greatest contribution” and the “great service” to the country that the PSOE can do is “put an end to an immoral government”.

The PP has gone “very far” with his accusations against Sánchez
In his haste, Rajoy has gone “very far” with his accusations against Sánchez, to the point that “tomorrow nothing can be the same”. “When Sanchez is told he is the judas of politics, do I have to talk to you tomorrow about something? When they tell you that we want to end this government by supporting those who want to break Spain and the heirs of terrorism, but what Are they left now? At what level of despair are they? “, he asked himself.

At another point in his speech, Ábalos pointed out that when the PP says that cases like Gürtel’s “are from 2003 before Christ”, what he really means is that he should be given “impunity”.

“There is no reason for us to invite this to be part of our normality,” has settled, and has judged that “when a reckless” reproaches them have submitted “a reckless motion, is once again an accomplice of corruption ”

After the judges “certify that, since its founding, the PP has been organized as an authentic and effective network of institutional corruption, there is not much to talk about,” Ábalos has justified, before insisting on questioning “How can a government govern? party like Spain, that Spain that fills their mouths? “.

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