Meals is more Beneficial for Weight Loss

An easy way to transform your body is the protein weight loss method that I highly recommend. The principle is mainly to replace breakfast with protein dishes, no special exercise is required.

Swap your breakfast for a low-calorie protein dish and you can reduce your total calorie intake throughout the day! And by taking protein in the morning of the day, various daily activities (such as walking, carrying bags, drying clothes) become muscle-building exercises.

Assuming that you also eat high-protein, low-fat dishes such as chicken breast or pork filet for dinner, you can eat them freely at noon. In this way, you can get significant weight loss without trying too hard to limit your calorie intake.

Protein needs to be ingested together with vitamin B groups such as vitamin B2, B6, and B12 to complete the cycle of calorie metabolism.

But in fact, plant-based protein contains almost no vitamin B group, so taking it together with animal-based protein, milk, garlic, and salmon can promote protein metabolism.

Vitamin D, which can activate protein and strengthen muscles and bones, is also very important! Fish is usually rich in vitamin D, such as dried fish or sardines can help us get vitamin D.

The synthesis of protein also requires minerals such as zinc and iron. The zinc in peony and seaweed can fully exert the effect of protein, so it is highly recommended to take it together with protein. Iron in pig liver and shellfish is also converted into amino acids into nerves in the brain. Minerals needed to deliver substances.

Furthermore, carnitine, which can help fat-burning, is composed of the amino acid lysine, but it also needs vitamin C to assist.

When it comes to vitamin C, kiwifruit, mandarin oranges, strawberries, persimmons, oranges, and apples are rich in vitamin C. They are also rich in vitamin A, dietary fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. Chemical composition, so it is recommended to take it together with protein.

In addition, although most people regard sugar as the enemy of weight loss, but also can not forget the intake.

Excessive intake of sugar will certainly increase body fat, but if there is insufficient sugar for a long time, the body will automatically switch to energy-saving mode. At that time, even the slight sugar contained in vegetables will be converted into body fat.

As mentioned earlier, sugar also has the effect of relieving the feeling of fasting. Consuming sugar-containing fruits or carbohydrates together with protein is a full-fledged breakfast. Hyaluronic acid, which can make the skin look hydrated and elastic, is also sugar.
quality, so if you want to whiten, please ingest it with protein!

However, as mentioned earlier, protein will decompose nitrogen in the body, and the organs that excrete nitrogen are the liver and kidneys. Nitrogen will also increase uric acid. Therefore, when ingesting protein, try to avoid eating foods that increase uric acid.

In addition, if you take soybean food together with protein, it will also lead to an increase in nitrogen in the body, so it is not recommended to take it together.

Without chewing, our mouths do not produce saliva. Saliva contains many healthy ingredients, one of which is the digestive enzyme “amylase”. When the amount of amylase increases, the burden on the stomach and small intestine will also be reduced.

In addition, saliva also has the growth hormone “IGF-1” (insulin-like growth factor) that can reduce fat, strengthen muscles, improve cholesterol levels, and improve immunity, and the youth hormone “parotid hormone” that helps recalcify bones and teeth and promotes skin metabolism. ”, “EGF” (epidermal growth factor) that promotes skin cell regeneration, these physiologically active substances, so saliva is called “universal hormone”.

Adequate chewing of food can increase the blood flow of the brain, stimulate the satiety center of the brain, the hippocampus related to memory and the amygdala related to stress resistance, so that we can stay away from obesity, improve energy and enhance anti-stress.

If you’re always in a hurry in the morning, a homemade protein drink is also a good choice; but if you have the spare time, you might as well have a protein breakfast that needs to be chewed well.


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An easy way to transform your body is the protein weight loss method that I highly recommend. The principle is mainly to replace breakfast with protein dishes, no special exercise is required.

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