The Spanish Drink Quo Smart Prevents Hangovers Enters Peru

After Paraguay, Peru is the second country in South America in which it enters. For next April it also plans to land in Chile and Panama.

After two years of analyzing the market, carrying out tastings and focus groups with effective results and carrying out some impulse activities, the Spanish-origin drink Quo Smart Drink –which eliminates more than 50% of the alcohol ingested during six hours– decided to land in the country.

Alicia Wong, CEO of Oportunidades Euroamérica, official representative of the brand for Latin America, trusts that there is an interesting potential for this new category, since alcohol consumption has not stopped despite the adverse scenario for leisure activities (with clubs closed and no social gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19). “Peruvians are tending to consume products and adopt healthier habits, so we believe that this type of prevention-oriented alternatives will be the stars in the coming years,” she says.

Quo, he details, is a natural drink – based on non-transgenic cereals, formula of Dr. Santiago Vidal from the Spanish laboratory Narval Pharma- with a lemon lime flavor that helps reduce the negative effects of alcohol (such as the annoying hangover), slowing down your absorption and helping to increase its elimination.

For the first year of operations (February 2022) the bet is to place around half a million units; For this they are working on an entire expansion plan in order to reach the entire country.

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To date, they are in online channels of specialized platforms, in taps, markets and liquor stores; but they also seek to be in convenience store chains such as Tambo, Oxxo and Primax, with whom they are already talking. While in the provinces they are in advanced negotiations with distributors from Arequipa and the jungle (such as Pucallpa).

After Paraguay, Peru is the second country in South America where Quo enters and for next April it also plans to land in Chile and Panama.

The executive reveals that the pandemic delayed the entry of the brand (scheduled for 2020) and affected the negotiations it had with a major local importer, which led them to change their strategy and invest in logistics. “The health crisis caused a greater commitment to basic necessities to the detriment of new ones,” says Wong.

However, she confesses that they decided to go ahead and bet on this unique product on the market and considered a smart drink or smart drink, a new category made up of drinks based on a mixture of fruit juice, vitamins, herbal supplements and amino acids. “This is a new concept that shows a positive projection, given that the Peruvian consumer adopts trends very easily,” he says.

He details that Quo is suitable for everyone, including diabetics and celiac disease, since it does not contain sugar but rather fructose (natural sugar that comes from fruit), vitamin C and citric acid.

“The product comes in a small 50 ml format and it is recommended to take it 15 minutes before you start drinking alcohol. Quo acts on the pylorus by delaying the passage of alcohol from the stomach to the small intestine and increases the activity of the enzyme that metabolizes it ”, he asserts.

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