The Taiwan Index Rose 25 Points to 10,613 Points on Friday

In terms of spreads, the counter-price difference in the Taiwan index extended to – 26.07 points, the electronic price reverse spread spread to -1.04 points, and the financial period reversed price gap narrowed to -2.3 points. In the spot part, the three legal entities bought over 2.901 billion yuan; in terms of the net position of the Taiwan referee period, the net legal order of the three major legal entities decreased by 2619 to 29,320, of which the foreign capital was reduced by more than one yard and the empty single was overweight, and the net excess was reduced by 4281. The mouth is up to 59,221; the specific legal person among the top ten traders has reduced the net long position of the platform during the month by 3,135 to 25,402.

On Thursday, the four major US stock indexes rose, with S&P and Nasdaq index hitting a new high since the October 2018 stock market crash, while the fee-based index rose 3.5%. It hit a new high since mid-March 2018, spurring Asian stock markets to jump high on Friday. In the morning, the weighted index in early trading was driven higher by the rise of weighted stocks such as TSMC, Hon Hai and Da Liguang. The Taiwan stocks once stood at the 10650 level. However, after 10:00, the US stock market and the mainland stock market turned black and expanded, dragging down. The selling of counterweight stocks has caused the weighted index to turn black, but support buyers have appeared near the 5-day line, and Asian stock markets have converged and fell, driving Taiwan stocks to stand back above the flat, and the final weighted index rose slightly. 29.52 points or 0.28%, at 10639.07 points, the volume of sales was 130.71 billion, an increase of 17.838 billion from the previous day. Technical observation, although the current index has closed up for three days, the overall technical surface is still more than a multi-structure, but on Friday and K, the K-level high and the balance of the shadow line, the investor’s risk awareness needs to be improved.

Option analysis

In the open interest of the weekly option, the OI maximum support pressure zone was changed from 10500~10700 to 10550~10700 yesterday, and the lower support was moved up, but the open/call ratio of the open interest in the whole month decreased from 1.5 to 1.39. The main reason is that the OI of the weekly call has increased to a greater extent, and although the foreign capital still appears to buy the Call to sell the Put, the direction of the self-operated business today is the opposite. The overall option is still showing a multi-faceted structure, but the strength of the support has slowed down. (Yongfeng Futures Research)

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Inspired by the surge in US stocks and half-index, Taiwan stocks showed a high trend in early trading, but in the face of pressure from the entire market, the intraday trading was turned red and the volume was enlarged to 130.3 billion. Apple will make a spring release next week, and TSMC will continue to lead the way, and short-term stocks will be able to zoom in and out gradually.

The foreign spot purchases exceeded 2.8 billion, and the net futures contract was reduced to 59,221. The net position of the self-employed option is currently based on the selling rights. In April, the option chip showed a pattern of more than one. The selling right OI was greater than the buying power. The gap between the OIs was more than 47,000, and the OI increment of the right to sell was not stated. In terms of weekly elections, the OI increment of the call is greater than the selling right.

In summary, the spot neutrality of the foreign investment period, the neutral pattern of the self-employed choice, the monthly and weekly selections are multi-situ, and the overall chip is neutral. The technical face-to-face stocks have been washed up and down today, and the long-selling starts to show saws. After the short-term pending selling pressure continues to precipitate, the Taiwan stocks will break through upwards.

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The Taiwan Index Rose 25 Points to 10,613 Points on Friday - The Taiwan Index, Rose, Friday/10


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