This Magic Patch No Longer Need to Endure The Pain of Blood Draw

The doctor never needs to draw blood again

Perhaps one day when we need a physical examination, the doctor will no longer need to draw blood. On the contrary, the doctor may press a small patch covered with a micro-needle onto the patient’s skin. This medical technology also gives many people who are afraid of taking blood a glimmer of hope.

Agroup of scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine designed a disposable patch about the size of a coin, and this patch can sense biomarkers and other compounds to find the creature. Signs of disease or other health conditions. Biomarkers are signal indicators that are abnormally affected by environmental pollutants at different biological levels (molecules, cells, individuals, etc.) before the organism is seriously damaged. It can provide early warning of severe toxic damage. This signal indicator is the change of cell molecular structure and function, the change of a certain biochemical metabolic process or the production of abnormal metabolites and content, and it can also be a certain physiological activity or a certain physiological activity. Abnormal manifestations of active substances and abnormal phenomena in the body can also be abnormal changes in populations or communities and abnormal changes in ecosystems.

Patches covered with small needles less than one millimeter

This magic patch is covered with small needles less than one millimeter. If the patch is pressed into the skin, the needles covered with it will enter the tissue fluid, which is the protein-rich liquid around the skin cells. The research team said: “This liquid can make medical tests simpler, less invasive, and easier to obtain, even 800 times more sensitive than traditional biomarker tests.” Materials scientist Srikanth Singamaneni told Wired. : “Tissue fluid is the key factor.” Singamaneni is the lead author of this study, which was published in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering last month. He said at the time: “We have proven that we can use this patch to Significantly improve the sensitivity of immunoassays.”

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Tissue fluid is regarded as a very useful resource in medicine

Wired magazine reported that most of the development of microneedles has focused on drug delivery or vaccination, but now the same technology seems to be able to help doctors obtain human tissue fluid, which has long been regarded as a very useful medical fluid. Resources, but it is difficult to obtain through traditional medical technology. Mark Prausnitz, a chemical engineer at the George Institute of Technology, told Wired: “Blood is a small part of the fluid in our body. Other fluids should have something useful. It’s just that we used to It is difficult to obtain these liquids.” Therefore, this kind of microneedle patch not only makes medical testing easier, but also in low- and middle-income countries and even many rural areas, there will be a large demand for biological diagnosis. “