Tom Cruise Postpones Filming Mission Impossible 7 on Corona-Safe

Tom Cruise (58) wants to finally bring the arduous shooting of “Mission Impossible 7” to an end. According to “The Sun”, the main actor and producer of the film is said to have planned to move the set for one last time. Cruise is said to have commissioned a million euros to build a corona-safe set on a once top-secret military base in the county of Surrey, southwest of London. Previously, the filming took place in Hertfordshire

The infection situation caused compulsory breaks
As early as June it was reported that Cruise had converted an abandoned British Air Force site in Oxfordshire, UK, into a corona-free village for the filming of the action strip – due to the lack of hotel rooms and caravans for everyone involved. The shoot suffered from the corona pandemic from the start. In particular, the infection situation in Italy, where scenes were filmed in Venice and Rome, caused several forced breaks. Tom Cruise now did everything in his power not to cause any more interruptions. He hired his own corona supervisor on set to monitor compliance with the corona rules.

Most recently, Cruise had taken some crew members to his chest who had violated Corona rules. Among other things, the actor threatened that anyone who disobeyed the rules again would be fired. “As the” Sun “reported, five crew members are said to have left the production.” Mission Impossible 7 “is due to open in theaters in November 2021.

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