BREXIT: British Prime Minister Theresa May wants to avert the threat of unregulated Brexit in just under four weeks if necessary with an extension of EU membership. If the parliament in London does not approve either the negotiated contract with Brussels over the exit conditions, or a divorce without agreement, she will vote on a “short and limited” Brexit shift on 14 March, May said vote on applications for the withdrawal agreement.

British Parliament votes on proposals for withdrawal agreement, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank major shareholder on possible merger, profit slump in BYD

USA / NORTH KOREA: More than eight months after their first summit, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are meeting again today. The meeting in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi is scheduled to start in the evening (local time, 12:30 CET). According to US statements, a short one-to-one interview is planned, followed by a dinner accompanied by guests and interpreters. On Thursday, the summit should then be comple

STEEL INDUSTRY: The US Department of Commerce is investigating allegations of price dumping against steelmakers in China, Canada and Mexico. It is examined whether mild steel is sold too cheaply. It is conceivable customs duties of about 30 percent against Canada and Mexico and 222 percent against China.

BEIERSDORF: The consumer goods company launches an investment program with a volume per year of 70 to 80 million euros from 2019 on. Beiersdorf anticipates a slightly lower earnings growth this year than in 2018. It aims for an EBIT return on sales of about 14.5 percent (2018: 15.4), Beiersdorf announced. Even with the increase in sales is expected at a slower pace, the Nivea and Tesa manufacturer estimates him at three to five percent (2018: 5.4). Today, the group publishes annual figures and invites to the balance sheet PK.

BAYER has completed the submission of the approval documents to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the active substance darolutamide. The Group publishes Q4 figures today.

DEUTSCHE BANK / COMMERZBANK: The major shareholder Cerberus supports, according to “Handelsblatt” information, a possible merger of the two banks. The US financial investor, who in 2017 still opposed a merger, have changed his mind and now favor a merger of the two banks, said several familiar with the subject of the newspaper.

BYD: The Chinese e-car builder and Daimler partner suffered a profit slump last year. According to preliminary calculations, net profit for 2018 fell by 31.4 percent year-on-year. Reason is the sharper competition in the world’s largest car market.