Toyota “Alphad” More Luxurious

The news of cars Life is amazing! Make Toyota “Alphad” more luxurious!  What is the charm of genuine customization? 

The current model is the third generation that appeared in 2015 (Vellfire is the second generation). The development concept is “Large space luxury saloon”, and it is developed as one of luxury cars, not a minivan.

The exterior design has a powerful front mask that does not lose even when high-end sedans line up, and various interior seat arrangements are available. The highest grade “Executive Lounge” also has a spacious second seat that limo can not match.

The double-wishbone suspension and high-strength steel plate were adopted in the rear of the running part, and the body rigidity was strengthened by the introduction of structural adhesives, which combined comfort and maneuverability at a high level.

A minor change was made in 2017, and the product quality was greatly improved by changing the interior and exterior, renewing the power train (V type 6 cylinder), adopting the second generation “Toyota Safety Sense”. Since the purchase price is high, I hear that there are many “box replacement” from the conventional model.

Furthermore, in some improvements in 2019, the standardization of 9-inch display audio and smartphone communication (DCM) linked to smartphones, the optional setting of electric side steps, and various other equipment were enhanced.

Despite that, it is also a point that a wide range of dealer options are available. The most popular of these is the Modelista, which can be said to be a pioneer of manufacturer customization.

Established in 1997, Modellista was launched in 1997 by Haute Couture, which develops, manufactures, and sells “one-off” models that Toyota‘s mass-produced models cannot support.

Of course, there are many Arvel items, but the most popular one is the Aero Kit. Since Modelista‘s strength is direct to Toyota, items have been released at the same time as the base model, but in fact, the update has been done in line with the improvement of the base model. There is a trend in customization, and it requires faster evolution than cars.

Items added at the timing of partial improvement in 2019 are the newly designed “front spoiler” and “aluminum wheel”.

First of all, the front spoiler has been changed from a conventional extruded design to a more refined design while emphasizing the 18th of Modellista’s “plating”.

Side skirts that make the vehicle look lower and three-dimensional, plating decoration that boldly uses the plating decoration reflecting the image of a catamaran, and a square shaped two-piece tail (sport muffler and muffler cutter can be selected) from the conventional product There is no change, but the balance with the changed front spoiler is also perfect. Of course, the conventional products are still on sale, so you can choose according to your preference.



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The news of cars Life is amazing! Make Toyota "Alphad" more luxurious!  What is the charm of genuine customization? 

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