Salvini Opens to Citizenship Income

Salvini opens to citizenship income: “In the maneuver there will be, but priority is to dismantle Fornero”. At Palazzo Chigi a majority summit between the premier Giuseppe Conte and his two deputies Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio. Among the topics at the center of the meeting, the priorities of the economic maneuver. For the leader of the League in the first place among the economic priorities of the government there is pension reform. From Di Maio opening to flat tax: “But do not favor the rich”

The dialectic between Lega and M5s continues on the programmatic priorities to be included in the next budget law.

Matteo Salvini gathers his technicians, group leaders and under-secretaries to the Viminale and draws up the list of proposals,  stop Fornero law and flat tax at the top,  ensuring however that the maneuver will respect every rule. A way to tone down, appreciated by the markets that register a decline in the spread.

Meanwhile, Luigi Di Maio is pressing on the income of citizenship, on which he remains lukewarm but does not veto the ally Salvini maintains. “Salvini: income of citizenship there will be” On the economic issues the Minister of the Interior and deputy premier Matteo Salvini has intervened in Radio also on Radiorai. “Yesterday we talked about the priorities of the League, the income of citizenship is a battle of friends of the 5-Star Movement who are working on it, not in the fields of others, but it will be in the maneuver “. “Serious maneuver, we will not skip the score” Already in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore Salvini had outlined themes and priorities. And he had provided insurance. “We’re going to be a serious maneuver, and if we want to govern for a long time, we can not blow things up.” The debate on 1.7 or 1.8 or 2.4 or 2.9 comes to an end. we will not make any effort “.

Priority dismantle the Fornero Law For the Minister of the Interior and vice premier the priorities remain “Legge Fornero, with a quota of 100. The cost to intervene on Fornero, according to Salvini, is 6-8 billion” but we have three years to do everything. Starting the flat tax starting with the youngest, you have to see if you start from families or from VAT.

Fiscal Peace and Equitalia, a question not only of justice but also of funds that otherwise we will never recover. And among other things we could also extend it to the fines, as many mayors ask us. Then he excised the petrol, with the aim of gradually canceling those who have completed 60-80 years of history.

Mandatory electronic invoicing 2019, which for small children is likely to be a major expense burden. And then there is the need to free up the budget surpluses of the municipalities for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance expenses. “” We will not do everything right away “” It’s clear – continues the vice premier – that we will not do everything immediately, nor the Italians they expect it. There will be options at one year, two years and three years. If we want to govern for a long time, we can not blow things up. “And citizenship income,” is not my specialty.

But of course there will be. “And” until the Italians have the 15% rate, the 80 euros will remain. “Di Maio:” Copernican Revolution “On the other front to speak is Luigi Di Maio, with an interview Radical Radio. “By the end of the year we could have a Copernican revolution in spending the money of Italians.

That is all the resources available are beginning to spend for a country that for years has seen the money go to the banks and now you start to spend for Italians, “says the deputy premier, explaining that at the summit there will be this morning on the maneuver others will follow. “This is our biggest goal, but we can not ignore issues such as citizenship income, the overcoming of the Fornero Law but also other interventions such as those on infrastructures – I think of those in the south – or the maintenance of existing ones.

“According to Maio,” the whole maneuver must be inspired by a principle that is not to return from the citizens and having to say ‘I could not do this because Europe does not have it allowed. That would be a defeat.

It is not ‘a contrast to the European Union but’ must be clear to all that if you ask me to choose between rating agencies, deficit-GDP and Italians I choose the Italians. “On exceeding the ceiling of 3%, the vice premier has said: “we will see according to what will be the needs.” The government will operate a spending review but “what we need in more ‘will have to be the subject of bargaining with the European Union.” Di Maio: “Flat tax? Yes, but it does not favor the rich “The flat tax is in the government contract, so it must not be favored by the more well-to-do classes, so Di Maio does to Radical Radio.” The flat tax is the subject of a government contract – he said – must help the weakest and if it favors the rich is not good.

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