Pictures of New iPhone

Pictures of what is probably a new iPhone was released on the 9TO5Mac website last night. Apple has announced a product launch on September 12th. Interests say this will be the iPhone XS.

The image is not a guess, but an image from Apple, according to 9TO5Mac. it is surely ill obtained by some means, shows two dark yellow phones. One of them is probably 5.8 inches, the size of the iPhone X, and the other larger, 6.5 inches.

iPhone X in Apple’s Shop. The 9TO5Mac image has shown no different phone, but it’s bigger. See it in the link below.

iPhone X costed up to 200,000 US dollars last year when it finally came to Iceland. It is likely that the more expensive type of iPhone inum that is currently expected will be equally expensive. Then older models will hope to fall, but it has often happened slower than many hopes.

The phone will be announced there on September 12th, so be for sale in the United States and hopefully we will not get it soon in October, High demand is expected and it is advisable to order the phone as soon as possible if people want to secure it by the end of the year.