Trump has Canceled A Planned Meeting With Putin

The annual summit of the G20 gathers this Friday and Saturday in Buenos Aires (Argentina) the leaders of the main world powers.

The meeting is held under the shadow of serious friction: the naval incident against Crimea has rekindled the tension between the West and Russia (Trump has canceled a planned meeting with Putin); the US trade offensive causes deep discomfort in China and Europe (but the US, Canada and Mexico will take advantage of the summit to seal their renewed commercial pact); the environmental issue also causes turbulence, once again opposing the US reluctance of Trump with the will to move forward in Europe (led, especially in this section, by Macron); Serious suspicions about the performance of the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohamed bin Salman, will undoubtedly cause diplomatic discomfort; and, on the street, the prospect of harsh protests completes the hectic framework in which the meeting is held.