Trump has Issued an “Ultimatum” to WHO Secretary-General

New coronavirus disease, COVID-19 epidemic in the United States is severe.  President Trump has repeatedly pointed the finger at the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Chinese government. Now Trump has issued an “ultimatum” to WHO Secretary-General Tan Desai, requesting him to commit to a complete reform of the WHO within 30 days, otherwise it will “permanently” stop funding WHO’s funds, and does not rule out withdrawal.

Trump earlier exposed a letter signed by him to Tan Desai on Twitter, detailing the World Health Organization ’s lack of epidemic prevention according to time, including WHO disregarding the “human-to-human” warning issued by the Taiwan government and criticizing “WHO The choice to reluctant to share such important information with the world may be for political reasons. ”


The letter also mentioned that, looking at the entire epidemic crisis, WHO still insists on approving China’s own claim of “openness and transparency”. This move is intriguing. “You keep echoing these beautiful words, but you don’t know that the only thing China lacks is openness. Transparent.”

The letter stated, “Perhaps more frustrating than the failure of epidemic prevention is that we know that WHO can obviously do better. Looking back a few years ago, under the leadership of other secretary-generals, WHO showed the world the help he can provide. How huge, during the outbreak of SARS in China in 2003, former Secretary-General Harlem Brundtland bravely announced the first emergency travel alert in 55 years, calling on the world not to go to southern China where the epidemic originated Hesitantly criticized China for trying to conceal the epidemic, posing risks to global health. ”

The article writes, “You and your organization are constantly making mistakes in epidemic prevention measures. The world has paid a great price for this. Is it the only way to improve the WHO that proves that it can be independent from China’s influence? My government I have discussed with you how to reform the WHO. We have no time to waste. ”

Trump said at the end of the article, “As the President of the United States, I have the responsibility to inform you that if the WHO does not want to commit to major reforms within the next 30 days, I will upgrade the decision to freeze funding temporarily to” forever. ” I will re-examine the status of our members in the organization. I cannot let the American taxpayers’ hard-earned money be spent on an organization that is completely inconsistent with the interests of the United States. “