Turkish Court Convicts A Man for Comparing Precious President Erdoğan to Gollum

tayyip_erdogan_4_yargi_paketi_geliyor_h8539A Turkish court has given a suspended sentence to a man who drew parallels between pictures of the president  Erdoğan and ‘Lord of the Rings’ character Gollum. The offender will be put behind bars for a year should he commit a similar ‘crime’ within five years.

A court in the southwest province of Antalya on Thursday convicted Rifat Çetin of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for juxtaposing him with the famous book character. The ‘culprit’ was sentenced to a year in prison, suspended for five years.

In 2014, Çetin posted three photographs of Erdoğan and not-so-great looking “small and slimy” creature on Facebook, implying that the two look alike. Both Erdoğan and Gollum had similar facial expressions. Çetin argued that his post was entirely “harmless.”

Another man, Bilgin Çiftci, is also facing accusations for sharing similar photographs. Çiftci, a physician, insulted the president when he shared a meme comparing Erdğan’s and Gollum’s eating habits and emotions. Çiftci was then expelled from the Public Health Institution of Turkey (THSK) in October.

According to Turkish laws, anyone who insults Turkey’s president may be punished with a prison sentence of up to four years.