Turkish FM: We Will Cleanse And Wipe Out All of Them From Our Country

cavusoglu_turkiyenin_cozum_formulunu_anlatti_1413019371_1208Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavusoglu warned that Ankara will wipe out the Gülen movement, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Islamic State (ISIS), cleansing them from Turkey and beyond.

“Traitors should know this: FETO (the Gulen movement), PKK, PYD (Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party), YPG (Syrian Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units), Daesh (ISIS) we will cleanse them all from our country and wipe out all of them,” he declared Sunday, at a memorial service for those who died in a failed July 15 coup attempt.

“Members of FETÖ had tanks and helicopters on the night of the coup attempt. They were bombing and shooting at our people with sharpshooters from the high hills,” he said.

Çavusoglu alleged that the PKK is the Gülen movement’s “twin brother, blood brother and works together with them, and the PKK’s extension in Syria, the YPG, PYD, Daesh that target Turkey by misusing our religion, and ISIS traitors should not forget this: You may have subcontracted to some people. Your masters wanted to occupy this country, these territories but they could not. Now they use you as a tool and subcontractor. We will wipe out you too.”

“You cannot divide this country. You attack dastardly, kill innocent, civilian people dastardly,” Çavusoglu said, before going on to condemn the PKK as “separatists and traitors.”

“We will fight against them both in Turkish territories, and in Iraq and Syria where they live, and anywhere, even in Iran,” Çavusoglu vowed.

Turkey has frequently alleged that its various enemies conspire against it. Following the October 2015 bombing of a peace rally in Ankara, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan alleged that it was an attack carried out by the Syrian regime in collaboration with both ISIS and the PKK.

Çavusoğlu made his remarks following an attack on a wedding ceremony in Turkey’s Gaziantep province which left 51 people dead. Turkey believes that ISIS was behind the attack.