Turkish Minister: ‘No Problem’ Over Russian Winter Gas Geliveries

hhhEnergy and Natural Resources Minister Ali Riza Alaboyun has said Turkey will not face any problem in gas deliveries from Russia this winter.

“I do not expect any problems during winter,” Alaboyun said during an Oct. 3 press meeting in Istanbul, citing contractual rights.

Turkey, which is 60 percent dependent on Russian gas, has a deal with Moscow until 2021, according to ministry officials.

Alaboyun also said Turkey supports the construction of one line of the four-leg Turkish Stream, as Russia will cut the western line, which brings 14 billion cubic meters gas to Turkey, after 2019.

“We should support one pipeline coming to Turkey, as we may have gas shortages after 2019. This is our main concern,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who shelved the South Stream project in last December, offered to build a new pipeline through Turkey and Greece to carry natural gas to Europe.

However, referring to the political hurdles between Europe and Russia, Alaboyun said he does not think the EU will allow Greece to sign an inter-governmental agreement with Moscow.