UN Calls On Turkey For Medical Assistance to Kobani Wounded

kobaniThe United Nations has called on Turkey to allow the wounded from Kobani across its border for medical care, the secretary-general’s deputy spokesman told Rudaw on Thursday.

Farhan Haq also said that the UN would continue to deliver aid and supplies to Kurdish refugees across Syria’s Kurdish regions, or Rojava.

On Thursday morning, militants of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) group sneaked into the Kurdish town of Kobani in Syria, launching a wave of car bombs and assaults that reportedly killed 75 people and injured 55 others.

Kobani was liberated in January after months of heavy fighting. The town is a powerful symbol of Kurdish resistance to ISIS, some referring to it as the “Kurdish Stalingrad.”



In Ankara, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tanju Bilgic told reporters that 63 wounded people had been brought to Turkey after the attack and that two of them, one a child, had subsequently died. Bilgic said Turkey had “immediately” opened its border to the wounded.



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