US Debt Interest Rate Hikes Again

The market is concerned about the tendency of the US to cut interest rates this month. After the Fed announced the record of the July meeting on interest rates, the market expects to cut interest rates by 0.25% next month. US stocks rose sharply in the early trading session, and the gains narrowed afterwards. The Dow closed at 240 points. This morning, the Asian stock market is improving. Hong Kong stocks were soft in the early session and have fallen more than 200 points.

After the Fed’s record of last month’s meeting was announced, the market’s expectation of a sharp cut in interest rates in the United States cooled down. The US 10-year bond rate fell to less than two years of US debt on Wednesday, that is, the repayment of debts was upside down, while the US The interest rate of the Asian city fell to a low of about 1.57% at noon today, and investor risk aversion continued to heat up.

The Hang Seng Index fell below 26,000 in the afternoon and fell to 292 points in 25978. It continues to compete at the 26,000 mark.

Hong Kong stocks fell in the early part of the session, once the 26,000 mark was anxious, the HSI had fallen more than 262 points, and the low was 26008 points. The Hang Seng Index hit 26,040 points, down 229 points or 0.9%. Half-day turnover was 44.3 billion yuan, an increase of 10% compared with yesterday. Heavyweights were soft, and AIA (01299) and (00388) fell more than 1%. Tencent (00700) fell 0.1%.

Henderson Land (00012) Mid-term core earnings fell more than 50%, and the target price fell sharply. The half-day share price fell 3.7%. The same gas (00003) did not stop falling, and fell another 3% today. The two shares are weak blue chips today.

Other local property stocks were also weak, with Xinyuan (00083) down 3% and Xindi (00016) and New World (00017) down more than 2%;

Hong Kong stocks continued to expand in the morning market, the Hang Seng Index fell more than 260 points at most, low to 26008, 26000 and then anxious. In August, the index futures first fell below 26,000, and this morning saw a low of 25918, which is 90 points lower than the spot HSI.

In the early days, Tencent , which once supported the market, turned from rising to falling, and temporarily saw 331.6 yuan, down 1 yuan or 0.3%;

Hong Kong stocks expanded in the early part of the period to more than 200 points, and temporarily fell to 26057. Heavy blue chips generally fell. HSBC (00005), AIA (01299) and ICBC (01398) fell 0.6% to 0.8% respectively; China Mobile (00941) fell 2% and fell to 65.35.

Henderson Land (00012) announced that its core earnings fell more than 50% in the first half of the year. HSBC and Lyon cut their target prices to 37.6 yuan and 40 yuan respectively. The stock price fell 4% this morning, and the low price was 37.3 yuan. The same gas (00003) Tuesday The announcement of the performance was down 5%, and the stock price fell for the second consecutive day. It fell more than 3% this morning and was temporarily low at 15.62 yuan. Henderson Land and Gas accounted for the 1st and 2nd places in the blue chip declines respectively;

Hong Kong stocks opened slightly higher. The Hang Seng Index opened at 26272 points, up 2 points. Tencent (00700) opened up 0.7% and AIA (01299) rose 0.1%.

Henderson Land (00012) announced its results after the market closed yesterday, and its core earnings fell 52%. The stock price fell this morning, and the market opened down 2%. The gas in the department (00003) plunged 5% yesterday and fell 0.6% this morning.

BYD Electronics (00285) Interim net profit fell more than 49%, and opened 9% this morning;

The August futures index opened 21 points higher and opened at 26252 points.

Asian stocks generally made good this morning. Japanese stocks rose 0.3%, Taiwan stocks rose 0.6%, and Korean stocks fell 0.1%.

The Federal Reserve announced the minutes of the July meeting, which cited the reasons for their 25-per-month interest rate cut last month, highlighting the risks facing the road ahead, despite the current good performance of the US economy. Although it is imperative to cut interest rates again in September, interest rate futures show that the market’s expected rate of interest rate cuts of half a month in September fell to zero from about 20% a week ago.