Italian PM Resigns, Conte “If Salvini Lacks Courage I will Assume it

Giuseppe Conte tells Italian Senate that far-right leader has triggered political crisis to serve his own interests.

The outgoing prime minister said that Salvini, deputy prime minister and interior minister, had betrayed Italian citizens after pulling the plug on the party’s tempestuous alliance with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) earlier this month.

Conte teases Salvini, resigns and goes to Mattarella: “The experience of Government ends here”. The League attempts desperate moves and withdraws its distrust, but the prime minister does not treat: “If courage is lacking, I will assume it”

Thus the premier during the Senate reply, after the Lega announced the withdrawal of distrust. “This institutional step is already very complicated in itself, if we love institutions we cannot rely on expedients, tactics and verbal twists that I find it hard to understand”. Count in the evening at the Quirinale for his resignation.

The League withdrew the motion of no confidence in the Senate presented at the time against the Conte government. A choice, sources from the Carroccio know, dictated by two reasons: the first is that it would make no sense, after hearing the premier announce the resignation.

The second because, having opened a window to work together to complete the reforms, it would be inconsistent to present it before waiting for the Premier’s reply. The news arrives while the debate in the Senate Chamber is still in progress and before Conte does, as announced in the afternoon, a second intervention at the end of which the climb to the Hill is scheduled to formalize the resignation.

But if the Lega’s initiative to withdraw distrust has the objective of bringing the crisis back, this is not the case. Conte holds the point and concludes his reply: “Salvini withdraws the motion If he does not have courage I will assume it”. Conte’s reply “I do not deny anything of what we have done. It is not in my custom”. Giuseppe Conte reply at the end of the debate in the Chamber. He spoke in reference to the criticisms that emerged on the subject of immigration. “I in Europe have brought a political platform on so many points.

This government has dealt with the issue in a broad way,” he explains, “there has been a policy of greater rigor on the assumption that an indiscriminate reception is equivalent to a non-acceptance”. And “on safety I intervened to mediate,” he recalls. It is not a personal question but a culture of the rules “No repentance, I would like to clarify. And I would like to clarify that I have never asked a personal question between me and the friends of the League, between me and Minister Salvini, with whom I still stop to make a chat and to tell him my disagreement on so many questions “adds the premier. “And confirming that it is not a personal matter – he explains – I reasoned about the culture of rules and constitutional culture and I invite you to consider that on 3 June 2019 I held a press conference. In that press conference I invoked the concept of loyal collaboration” . Salvini withdraws the motion If he has no courage I will assume it “The League has presented a motion of no confidence, and has even urged it among people.

Now I read that it has been withdrawn: this institutional step is already very complicated in itself, if you love the institutions we can not rely on gimmicks, tactics and verbal gyrations that I struggle to understand.If there is a lack of courage – the prime minister comments – do not worry I will assume it in front of the people watching us. that after 3 June he struggled to understand the concepts of loyal cooperation, lacking the courage to take responsibility for his behavior “. And he concludes: “Vado al Quirinale”, confirming his resignation. Salvini’s reaction After Conte’s reply, the Interior Minister’s comment arrives: “What a disappointment from Conte, from him no idea but only insults against his deputy premier”. And then: “I want to make the government” for “. If someone prefers the government” against “… It will be the government of the” no “and the government of the defeated. The big crowd” against the League.

The attacks on Salvini distinguished Conte’s entire intervention: “the Minister of the Interior has shown he is pursuing personal and party interests”. Compromising, the “national” ones. “His choices” reveal “poor institutional sensitivity and lack of constitutional culture”. Twelve days after the Lega’s rupture, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte faced Matteo Salvini in the Senate Chamber. “I heard you ask” full powers “and invoke the squares to your support, this conception of mine worries me.” Sitting to his right, surprisingly to be in the same shot, the head of the Interior Ministry commented with grimaces and smiles for the entire duration of the intervention. On the other side Luigi Di Maio, who instead remained motionless all the time and finally stood up with part of the House to applaud.

Conte has accused the leader of the Northern League of having brought the crisis of government on social networks and in the squares and of having snubbed the Parliament. He complained that he had little respect for the institutions. And, one of the most significant cases he mentioned was when he decided not to go to the Chamber to report on relations with Russia. “It is a story that objectively deserves to be clarified also due to its international repercussions”. Here the MPs Pd and M5s applauded together and vice-premier Salvini commented, ideally pulling a line into the void with two fingers and saying: “I knew it”. But the prime minister also criticized the 5 stars who decided not to attend that day: “When the President of the Council comes to the House to make a statement requested by the Parliament itself, the respect of the institutions would like to remain in the Chamber to listen to him and not there is reason to justify the removal “.

The speech in Conte’s Chamber. “I asked to intervene to report on the government crisis triggered by statements by the Interior Minister, leader of one of the forces. I have always maintained that in the event of interruptions, I would come back here. In the place where I gathered my trust. This stems from the profound conviction that confrontation in this frank and transparent Chamber is the most effective tool for the smooth functioning of a parliamentary democracy. It is not a question of paying homage to mere rules of form, but of political substance.

On 8 August 2019, Salvini, after anticipating the decision in a long interview, issued a note saying that the League did not want to continue the experience of government. Subsequently the League presented a motion of confidence and requested its scheduling. We are in the presence of a particularly serious decision and therefore deserve to be clarified in a public debate. The politics of our day is developed in large part on the communication level, relying on simplified language, is the inexorable sign of the times. but I guaranteed this would have been a government experience in the name of transparency and change. The experience of this government was born on the basis of “transparency and change and I cannot allow this important institutional step to be consummated through confidential meetings, on social media or in statements made on the street or in a square. For a contradictory officer the only place where public confrontation can take place is the Parliament. And I can’t let there be a full contradictory official. The only place in which the confrontation can take place in an institutional way is the Parliament “.

Friends of the League, you have tried to communicate the idea of ​​the government of the No and, thus, you have stained 14 months of intense government activity in order to feed this media drum. Thus, you have offended not only my personal commitment, and steps, but also the constant dedication of ministers. You have obscured the myriad of initiatives such as the relaunch for the South. I remember, for example, that we now have only one tariff plan for motorways, the sport reform, the assignment of the Winter Olympics, this is a government that has worked intensely until last day other than government of no.

Saying that it was the government of the ‘no’, “you have offended the truth of the facts, you have obscured the measures to strengthen the security of the citizens, the anti-corruption rules, the red code” and “you have trampled on the social protection measures which, together , we have adopted “, as” quota hundred and citizenship income “in addition to the rules in favor of savers cheated by the banks.

The truth is that in the aftermath of the European vote, Salvini has set up a posting and a pretext to leave the government: this decision, however, has compromised the work of the budget law “. The Northern League shook his head here, signaling no.

“The country urgently needs to be completed measures to foster economic growth and investment. We have prepared various instruments that with this uncertainty may not be valued. Dear Minister of the Interior, by promoting this government crisis you have taken on a great responsibility in the face of the country. I heard you asking “full powers” and invoking the squares to your support, your conception worries me “. At this point, the applause of the M5s senators was added to that of the senators of the Democratic Party and of Leu. The leader of the League held his head down on a sheet of paper, taking notes.

“We do not need people and men with full powers, but who have institutional culture and a sense of responsibility. Government crises, in our system, are not faced and regulated in the squares, but in Parliament. Secondly, the principle of weights and counterweights is fundamental in order to guarantee the balance of our system and prevent authoritarian ways. Coinciding with the most important European Councils, you failed to contain the communicative enthusiasm by creating a political countermelody that generated confusion ”.

“If you had shown a culture of rules, the entire government action would have benefited it. There have been many episodes that I have privately and publicly pointed out to you, as for example I told you to tell me the delegates of the League for the works to prepare the financial but I waited two months “.

“If I had agreed to come here to the Senate to report on the Russian affair that objectively deserves to be clarified also for the reflections on the international level …”. Here the MPs Pd and M5s applauded together and vice-premier Salvini commented, ideally pulling a line into the void with two fingers and saying: “I knew it”. And Conte also criticized the 5 stars: “When the prime minister comes to the House to make a statement requested by the parliament itself”, as happened for the alleged Russian funds to the League, “the respect of the institutions would like to remain in the Chamber to listen to him and there is no reason to justify the removal “.

As a last observation addressed directly to Salvini, he said: “Those who have responsibility tasks should avoid bringing religious symbols to political slogans. These are episodes of religious unconsciousness that risk offending the believers’ feelings and obscuring the principle of secularism at the base of the modern state. The current crisis undermines the action of this government that stops here ”.

The intervention of Salvini. Salvini is the first to intervene in the Chamber. Who begins: “I would do everything I did, with the great strength of being a free man. Who is afraid of the judgment of the Italian people is not a woman or a free man “. Then he adds, addressing the premier: “I’m sorry you had to put up with me for a year. Dangerous, authoritarian, irresponsible, unconscious? It was enough the Saviano of turn to collect all this series of insults, it was enough the Travaglio, a Renzi, not the president of the Council “. With respect to the relationship with the EU, he continues: “I do not want an Italy enslaved to anyone. I don’t want chains. I am tired of the fact that every step must depend on the signing of some European official. Are we or are we not a free and sovereign country? ” Then the thrust to Conte: “It never happened to me to ask Chancellor Merkel for advice on how to win the electoral campaign since Salvini had closed the ports …”. But the focal point of his speech is the point: he turns to the M5s and renews the invitation to move forward together until the maneuver: “The main route is that of the elections. But we’re ready to go.”

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