What Lipstick is Suitable for Blondes

A suitable shade of lipstick for blondes depends not only on hair color, but also on skin tone, full lips. Let’s figure out how to choose the right color.

Blond hair and pale skin
Girls, whose type is similar to the appearance of Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried or Margot Robbie, can safely choose nude lipstick: it will always be appropriate. Especially beautiful on the lips will look like nude with a pink sheen and a matte finish. In general, almost all colors are suitable for you, ranging from cranberry-red and rose-lilac to pomegranate.


Slick hair and olive (or tanned) skin
An example of this type of beauty is the singer Shakira and actress Blake Lively. Such girls are especially suited to shades of red with a warm orange undertone, as well as dark apricot, light brown and even lipstick of rust color. If you choose one of the last options, then soften the makeup of the lips with a translucent gloss.

Ash Blonde
If you are an ashy blonde, then regardless of skin color, you can use wine lipstick, as well as the option of shades of burgundy and marsala. These colors are very beautiful shade your hair.

Golden Blonde
Girls with golden hair should look for fresh colors that are reminiscent of juicy fruit. If your hair is smooth and golden, and also with a copper sheen, then you are suitable apricot, peach and coral colors. Having shaded lipstick and having added easy transparent gloss, you will create effect of moist kissed lips. And this is now at the height of fashion.

Brown eyes
Blonde with brown eyes is a rare combination. To achieve a balance in makeup, choose a lipstick calm, brown or pale pink shades. The finish can be both opaque and glossy.

Green eyes
For blondes with green eyes, there are almost no restrictions. Best of all go classic red shades, orange, coral. Those who are accustomed to experimenting with makeup, we recommend to look at the purple and lilac colors.

Blue eyes
Blondes with blue eyes will wear lipstick in a pink range, especially bright ones – they will emphasize the “doll” appearance. For daytime makeup, choose nude shades, half a tone darker than lip tone, in the evening – dark, up to plum: “hammer” it into your lips with finger pads to make the makeup natural.


Red lipstick
The traditional color of lipstick, which makes a girl with blond hair very spectacular, is red. In the 40s of the 20th century, pin-up girls actively used red lipstick to look very bright. We recommend that you follow their example. We have already written in more detail about how to choose the “right” tone of red lipstick.

Pink lipstick
When choosing pink lipstick blondes are advised to push off from skin tone. If it is light with a pink undertone, your shades are cold (berry, fuchsia). Blondes whose skin has a golden undertone will be suited to warm tones of pink with a mixture of coral, red and brown.

Brown gamma
Choosing a lipstick in a brown tint, again, you should take into account the skin tone. Blond women with fair skin will have cold coffee or chocolate shades. If the skin is olive – lighter colors, for example, coffee with milk or vanilla.

Purple palette
Dark pink lipsticks for blondes are a definite “yes”, but only if they are not with a purple subtone: this color can give an undesirable shade to blond hair and skin.

The perfect nude for blondes is one that is a tone or two darker than the natural color of the lips. To make the lips more sensual and voluminous, combine two shades of lipstick or pencil at once: highlight the contour and the corners with a darker color, the center with the lighter one.

Choosing the finish of lipstick, be guided by your desires and proceed from external data: for example, if you have narrow lips, give preference to glossy or satin means, and better than gloss with shiny particles.
Remember that matte lipstick muffles even the brightest shades – push off from this when creating makeup. But before applying a completely matte lipstick, think about it – it can make a face lifeless.