Facts About Lipstick That Shock You

Some women indulge in the makeup of their faces and have a permanent makeup.  But researchers have come up with shocking facts about the danger of using lipstick. Facts About Lipstick That Shock You

According to Health News: Some women, for a long time during the day, have lipstick on their lips and even sleep without cleaning their makeup, including their lips. While doing so is really harmful to health and dermatologists have shown how lipstick can harm us.

The paste is one of the harmful substances in the lipstick. It affects the nervous system more than anything else and is harmful to the hormonal system.

According to research, it has been found that the lipstick senses the lips and skin around them. You can read about 15 causes of bruising and swelling of the lipstick.

Other harmful effects include the closure of skin pores and dryness and cracking of the lips. You can read the causes of the lips’ dryness.

How does the color of the lipstick affect our lips?

Lipstick pigments contain harsh and rough chemicals that damage the skin, resulting in blackening and even coloration of the skin of the lips due to the destruction of melanocytes (pigmented skin cells).

Which material in the lipstick should be avoided?

Lipstick contains a lot of harmful substances, especially heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and antimony.

The lipstick contains formaldehyde (a cosmetic and carcinogen preservative), mineral oils (which cover the pores of the skin) and parabens (such as formaldehyde are often used to prevent cosmetic mischief).

Lipoplasty manufacturers also use petrochemicals to produce lipsticks like lenses.

What if the lipstick is swallowed?

When the lipstick stays on the lips for long hours, it may be swallowed unintentionally due to eating and drinking. As a result, the body’s contact with the toxins in the lipstick increases.

The researchers found that women who use a large lipstick get over-the-counter daily allowances for elements such as aluminum, cadmium, chromium and manganese.

Therefore, these elements accumulate over time and cause poisoning.

Sleeping with lipstick also increases the risk of harmful effects mentioned above.

So before you sleep at night, be sure to completely remove your makeup, including your lipstick.