The Fastest Car in the World

After a controversial first record, SSC Tuatara managed to keep their title after another attempt, this time official.

The new SSC Tuatara is the fastest car in the world. The American supercar managed to reach an average speed of 455.3 km / h round trip, during a new test on the tarmac of the famous Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A new record, this time official for the sportswoman, which dethrones the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which for its part reached 447.2 km / h in 2017. Of course, the speed recorded during this new record attempt and very much lower than the first time, with an average of 508.73 km / h, but the conditions were not quite the same then, since at that time the record had been broken on a longer track , located in the Nevada desert, with a professional driver behind the wheel of the supercar, in this case Oliver Webb. This new performance is therefore much more realistic, and above all more official than the previous one, which then raised a lot of controversy a few months ago.

Indeed, while the firm congratulated itself on having broken the record for the fastest car in the world, it quickly became disillusioned as many personalities in the automotive world expressed some doubts about the veracity of this performance. The first to question was collector Shmee150, who noticed some inconsistencies in the video posted by SSC. Based on the images and after performing some calculations, he would indeed have noticed that the car would not have exceeded the 450 km / h mark. This is certainly already very honorable, but far from the figure announced by the brand. But that’s not all, because according to the influencer, the gearbox would not allow it to exceed 470 km / h, while the odometer was mysteriously blurred. Finally, the Dewetron company, supposed to have collaborated in this record attempt had issued a statement that “no person from Dewetron was present during the test or was associated with the preparations.” In short, a nice mess for the brand which then promised a new attempt, approved this time.

New conditions
This time around, SSC therefore decided to take matters into their own hands, after a second attempt after Christmas which ended in a bitter failure, with a top speed of 404 km / h. But don’t we say that everything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? This is probably the philosophy of the brand, which decided to try its luck again at the end of January. The firm then called on the specialist company Racelogic to approve this new record, this time set by the owner of the car himself, namely Doctor Larry Caplin. The latter says he expects only one thing: to reach the 300 mph mark, or more than 480 km / h.

As a reminder, the SSC Tuatara is powered by a turbocharged 5.9-liter V8 developing no less than 1,774 horsepower, weighing no more than 1,247 kilos and posting a Cx of only 0.279.