Why does your Stomach Sick at Work

Most people may think that their stomach is only a little bit sick, or even completely healthy, so there is no need to think about it.

In fact, experts pointed out that due to the fast-paced life and strong work pressure of modern people, most people’s stomachs are in a sub-healthy state. So, maybe your stomach is not as healthy as you think!

If you have experienced the following symptoms, then you may no longer simply belong to the “fashionable life”, but more likely to belong to the “stomach disease” family in the “white-collar” group, because these symptoms of gastritis and gastric ulcer are due to the so-called It is caused by fashionable life, and it is possible that your stomach is already very sick.

White-collar workers in the company: working overtime and having stomach problems

Causes: Today’s people pay more and more attention to their health conditions. Fitness places are full, diet therapy, acupuncture, foot massage, SPA and even various kinds of folk remedies are always on the stage. However, the number of gastric patients has not decreased, and the symptoms of gastric patients have not been significantly alleviated, and they even show a trend of younger age. Experts point out that among these gastric patients, more than two-thirds of gastric diseases are caused by hyperacidity.

“junk food” which makes you feel very nervous and  stomach is also working overtime to produce gastric acid. It is a miracle not to have stomach problems! Therefore, to be precise, it is precisely because of excessive gastric acid that stomach problems are caused.

Since the initial cause of stomach problems is due to an irregular life, changing bad habits should be the most effective measure for white-collar workers to “protect the stomach”. Every petty bourgeoisie should also change it for long-term plans.

For stomach problems that have already appeared, more attention should be paid to diet. Try to have regular meals as much as possible. You can have regular meals 5-6 times a day. A small amount of food can reduce the burden on the stomach and avoid excessive stomach expansion. If you eat more frequently, you can keep a small amount of food in the stomach to neutralize the stomach. Excessive stomach acid inside. People who are seriously ill are best to eat soft foods that are rich in nutrients and easy to digest, such as noodles, rice porridge, milk, etc. If possible, they can also eat more honey, because honey has the function of inhibiting gastric acid secretion and promoting ulcer healing. In addition, patients with gastric disease should not eat snacks at ordinary times, otherwise it will increase gastric motility, promote the secretion of gastric acid, and aggravate ulcers on the stomach wall.

For gastric diseases caused by abnormal gastric acid secretion, some drugs can be taken to inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, so as to achieve the purpose of alleviation and treatment.

Salesperson: It’s all caused by “socializing”

Causes: The incidence of various gastrointestinal diseases in occupations such as white-collar workers and civil servants is higher than the average level of the entire population, which has a lot to do with their relatively high standard of living and relatively low physical exertion. The habits of excessive drinking, irregular meals, and late-night snacks have severely damaged gastrointestinal health, disrupted its normal digestion and absorption functions, and provided conditions for inducing various gastrointestinal diseases. In order to work, white-collar workers have many opportunities to socialize, and if they are not careful, they will “communicate” themselves in, making eating and drinking ruin their health.

The first party of the sales staff to protect the stomach:

When the last resort comes, I will tell you a trick. The first is to avoid it. Don’t drink but drink juice, or pick up a wine glass and dip it in your mouth. Eat a little bit of each side dish and eat more leafy vegetables. Eat some pasta foods, eat less and control high-fat and high-cholesterol foods. Put a little restraint on the wine table to prevent and avoid the invasion of stomach problems. What you win back is long-term health. Why not do it?

Some people can’t control their diet. They eat something delicious and hungry if they don’t taste good. This can easily cause the peristalsis of the stomach and cause the vagus nerve and the nerve plexus in the stomach wall to hyperfunction and promote The secretion of gastric acid will cause gastritis or gastric ulcers over time. Therefore, the diet should be regular and quantitative, and never overeating.

Modern research has proved that emotions have a significant impact on the gastrointestinal tract. Functional dyspepsia syndromes such as abnormal gastric acid secretion are directly related to abnormal psychological factors such as anxiety and depression. There is no doubt that it is the airline’s special working environment that brings health concerns to the beautiful flight attendants. The dry environment on the plane and the emergency situation that may arise at any time may make them nervous and unable to take care of their personal health problems.

Clinical practice has proved that the social environment and human mental state directly affect the internal organs. The internal and external sensory organs of the human body will be overexcited in the cerebral cortex under strong emotional stimulation, making people feel tired and exhausted, causing functional disorders of the autonomic nerves, and the smooth muscles and blood vessels of the stomach and duodenal walls will spasm and contract. Insufficient blood supply to gastrointestinal tissues, abnormal gastric acid secretion, and nutritional supply obstacles. This pain in turn will reflect back to the cerebral cortex, aggravate the functional disorder of the cortex, and form a vicious circle. Therefore, people who are impatient and prone to anxiety can easily get gastrointestinal diseases under stressful work conditions.

The first party of stewardess protecting stomach:

The pace of life of people in modern society is accelerating, and the degree of work tension is greatly increased. Psychologists believe that stress is a double-edged sword. In the face of pressure, how should we deal with it? One is to carefully analyze where the pressure comes from, so as to formulate corresponding measures to relieve the pressure; the second is to combine work and rest, arrange work and leisure reasonably, and be brave to try various effective relaxation methods to find a way to vent your emotions. Export; The third is to strengthen the cultivation of one’s own character, do not be surprised, strengthen the learning of professional knowledge, and constantly accept new knowledge experts also reminded new skills, so that you can easily cope with it.

The experts also reminded , the reality that the work environment cannot be changed, apart from requiring her to adjust her mentality according to her own situation, some drugs to treat and prevent abnormal gastric acid secretion are still her best choices. However, when choosing drugs, it must be noted that for some people who often use drugs that stimulate gastric acid secretion, they will often have acid reflux symptoms; long-term use of many drugs can damage the gastric mucosa, leading to erosive gastritis, hemorrhagic gastritis, and gastric ulcers. . Therefore, pay attention to medication, especially painkillers, to avoid damage to the stomach.

Cause: The reporter’s life is notoriously irregular. Sometimes he goes to work until noon, but sometimes he needs to write articles all night long. Long-term irregular eating habits are the biggest cause of the above symptoms. But experts also reminded that people with irregular diets, should pay more attention to the impact of smoking on gastric acid secretion. In addition to the harm of lung diseases, smoking is a direct “killer” that aggravates gastritis and gastric ulcer.

The chief culprit that smoking causes and aggravates stomach problems is nicotine, which can act on the vagus nervous system, disrupt normal gastrointestinal activities, cause vasoconstriction of the gastric mucosa, and reduce the synthesis of prostaglandins in the gastric mucosa. Prostaglandin is a gastric mucosal protective factor , Its reduction will damage the gastric mucosa. Smoking will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin, so smoke addiction is an important inducement to cause various gastric diseases.

First party for stomach protection for addicts:

Being young is not synonymous with health. You have to know that the harm of nicotine is tricky. If you become addicted to smoking too young, it is tantamount to putting yourself a “time bomb”. For workers who have irregular working hours and are addicted to cigarettes, such as well-off workers, they can usually bring lunch boxes with them to ensure regular and quantitative diet. At the same time, they must also reduce the consumption of foods that stimulate the esophageal mucosa such as wine, coffee and fatty foods. ; Try not to eat for two hours before going to bed.

The biological clock is a big problem

2. Biological clock disorder. On the one hand, because the time is at my disposal and the work is arranged by myself, I want to work late in the evening. On the other hand, due to the pressure of life, I may often work overtime to complete some agreed tasks. This tends to lack self-control in time management and blur the line between work and rest.

3. Irregular diet. Eat midnight snacks after working all night long, forget to eat during the day to make up for sleep, three meals are irregular, the diet structure is unreasonable, it is easy to cause malnutrition or overnutrition, unscientific diet leads to gallstones, gastric ulcers, gastric dysfunction, etc. Diseases followed one after another.

4. Lack of sports. Staying at home every day, lack of physical exercise, leading to obesity, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain and various organ diseases.

1. As usual, continue to communicate with friends, attend more gatherings between classmates and friends, and communicate and communicate more with others. This kind of communication can vent the unhappy things, adjust the mentality, ensure a good mood, and prevent some serious problems. Psychological problems.

2. Make a clear distinction between work and get off work hours, have a regular diet, daily life, and work well. To develop good living habits, the habit is to ensure the “punctuality” of the biological clock.

3. Even if you are busy at work, you should try your best to ensure exercise time every day. You can arrange some sports for yourself according to local conditions, such as walking, fitness jogging, climbing stairs, mountain climbing, rhythmic exercises, and health exercises.

4. To improve your working environment, you can place some green plants indoors to purify the indoor air. The computer should be placed in a well-ventilated place, the seat should be comfortable, and your sitting position should be as far out of the window as possible. The best place to work is accompanied by music, so as to resist noise and delight the body and mind.