Wistron Joins Hands with Enzhugong Hospital to Create Smart Healthcare

Wistron Medical Technology assists the medical field to implement informatization, digitalization, and intelligent solutions, and joins hands with the outpatient building of the New York City Regional Teaching Hospital Eunuchong Hospital to start smart medical processes and services.

Huang Jundong, general manager of Wistron Medical Technology, said that Wistron Medical uses technology energy as the foundation and combines the clinical experience of the principal hospital to introduce it into the practical application of the medical field.

Wu Zhixiong, CEO and Dean of Enzhugong Hospital, said that Enzhugong Hospital has been actively deploying smart hospitals in recent years. It has cross-border cooperation with Wistron and hopes to use advanced technology to assist medical services and promote people-oriented smart hospitals, hoping to provide instant, convenient and comprehensive medical care. service.

Wistron pointed out that after the three innovations of “ICD-10 CM Intelligent Recommendation”, “Intelligent Medical Voice Platform” and “Remote Wound Care System” are applied to clinical online introduction, they will greatly improve work efficiency and save clinical work time. Starting from how to get patients accurate and comprehensive services.

Wistron’s example, “ICD-10 CM Intelligent Recommendation” can provide physicians with clinical decision-making reference through big data and AI technology, and provide patients with more accurate diagnosis, and also combined with hospital application, let doctors master patient diagnosis from the front end, and then reduce disease The classifier’s workload, while improving the hospital’s health insurance benefits.

The “smart medical voice platform“, in addition to helping nursing staff simplify the complicated workflow, also combined with the patient APP and the bedside system of the smart ward to provide instructions for health education, patients can repeatedly listen to the personalized health education instructions of the nursing staff to Facilitate follow-up care and speed up recovery; the “Remote Wound Care System” establishes an in-hospital wound database and communication platform to facilitate various clinical wound caregivers to understand the wound status of patients.

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Wistron Joins Hands with Enzhugong Hospital to Create Smart Healthcare

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