Taiwan Stocks Weekly Gains More Than 5%

Taiwan stocks benefited from TSMC’s  weekly gains of more than 5% and strong assists, resisting the pressure of the upper gear, and wrote a new swing high of 12320.48 points in the intraday on Wednesday (15th), but the US stocks retraced and the weekend Selling pressure out of the cage, plus the rise of biotech stocks pulled back into the hardest hit area, the previously leading counter buying index even hit four blacks, impacting market confidence. Experts believe that the trend of Taiwanese stocks has shifted from firm to volatile, and the monthly line is a major support. This week, it will oscillate between the 11,906 points on the monthly line and the 12,000 mark.

Last week, the biotech group was under heavy selling pressure, including anti-epidemic concept stocks such as Heyi (4743), Xinghui (1734), and Zhongtian (4182). Biomedical dreams turned into nightmares. Local funds last Friday Once again selling pressure, the market value of biotech stocks in the listed cabinet has dropped by more than 200 billion yuan a week, and it has become a hard-hit area. Whether it can stabilize or even turn over this week has attracted much attention.

In terms of bargaining chips, last week foreign investors sold over 16.736 billion yuan in Taiwan stocks, over 5.494487 billion yuan in investment credit, over 4.418 billion yuan in self-employed businesses, and over 597 million yuan in three major legal entities. Among them, foreign capital has only slightly sold more than 1.67 billion yuan in the centralized market over the past week, and investment credits have even bought 5 and increased daily, indicating that domestic and foreign capitals are not slack in the future market, but the current ratio of large-cap securities has reached a low point in 3 months. The face of the bargaining chips tends to be chaotic, which may increase volatility.

On the news side, the domestically focused ex-dividend indicator this week is Hongjiajun, including Hon Hai (2317) and Hongzhun (2354), both ex-dividends on Thursday (23rd). Hon Hai intends to pay a dividend of 4.2 yuan, with a closing price of 88 yuan on the 17th. In terms of conversion, the dividend rate is about 4.7%, and the Hung Standard intends to pay 2.5 yuan. Analysts pointed out that due to the influx of hot money driving the rise of the New Taiwan dollar, the market expects that under the dual support of hot money and the traditional peak season, it will help Hon Hai Group to quickly fill interest.

Internationally, dozens of U.S. stocks will report earnings this week, including Microsoft and Tesla, which released their results on Wednesday (22nd), and Twitter and Intel on Thursday. Among them, Tesla, whose stock price has skyrocketed by more than 260% this year, has repeatedly hit new highs.

Analysts said that Taiwan stocks have reached a relatively high-end rank, and the speed of stock rotations has accelerated. In addition, the stock market is returning to the fundamentals during the peak season of domestic and foreign financial reports. It is advisable to participate in stock selection rather than market selection. Growth in the same period last year, double revenue in the second quarter double rose, coupled with the three major corporations actively knocked into stocks.

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