With One Less Bragantino Ties With Guarani in Paulistao

The Red Bull Bragantino was in the tie by 1 to 1, this Sunday, with Guarani, for the Paulista Championship, in the Gold Earring. The match was marked by a complaint from the visiting team. With review of the VAR, referee Adriano de Assis Miranda scored a penalty by touching the arm of defender Aderlan and expelled the player from the Bragança Paulista team.

With the result, the two teams are in the second place of their respective groups.

The match started to get rough at the end of the first half. At 45, Jan Hurtado arranged for Eric Rodrigues to score the visitors’ goal. However, a minute later, in the defense area of ​​Bragantino, Aderlan deflected the ball with his arm, the referee not only signaled the penalty, but also expelled the player. The move generated confusion in the match, earning a yellow for Claudinho, for complaint. In the collection, Rafael Costa tied the match.

Despite being with one less, Bragantino practically dominated the actions of the second half. At the end of the game, Bugre even showed a reaction, but it was not enough for any of the teams to swing the nets again.

Bragantino returns to the field next Sunday, when he faces Santo André. Guarani receives São Bento on Saturday.

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