Ailton Recognizes Fluminense’s Bad Performance

Coach recognizes defensive and offensive mistakes in 3-0 for Portuguesa.

Coach Ailton did not shy away from criticizing Fluminense after the 3-0 loss to Portuguesa, this Sunday, by Carioca. When pointing out defensive and offensive errors, the commander of the Laranjeiras team stated that the performance, especially in the second half, is to erase history.

The team had already been defeated in the first round of the state. With two defeats, he occupies the lantern. Points that may be missed up front.

Without a doubt it will be missed, I have no doubt. Fluminense has an obligation to win. There were two different games. Against Resende, we played a lot. We left satisfied even with the defeat. Today, we did poorly in the first half, and we lost chances. In the second half, it was very bad. Their strength was the transition, we yielded the counterattack. Our second time is to erase from history. I hope it won’t happen again. We face an experienced team, but we will have to correct a lot – said Ailton.

Undoubtedly, the Goose is an ace. Showed today. Very refined touch. I didn’t want to leave, said I wanted to go all the way, even losing the game 3-0.

This fall of ours was due to the goals. When you take a goal at the beginning of the second half and then take another, it is difficult to organize. That’s why I then put two more steering wheels, to close the middle, remove the transition from them and it ended up working out a little bit, because they didn’t have many chances. But we were also a little further away from the goal. When you are losing by a result as elastic as this, you have to protect yourself a little more so as not to become an absurd rout. We have to adjust these errors. When you miss the pass at the front, there must be someone better positioned. We had already said that in the lecture. But, unfortunately, sometimes it escapes a little. But nothing erases our confidence in athletes. They are young. I hope that we can achieve a victory as soon as possible. Fluminense is too big to leave Maracana with two defeats as it happened.

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