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In the Asian trade closure, Japan Nikkei 225 index fell 2.00%. Australia’s S & P / ASX 200 index lost 0.96%. On the other hand, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index trading was down 1.93%.

Meanwhile, the US stock market has been lost. The Dow Jones average industrial futures index lost 0.42 percent. The S & P 500 futures fell 0.41%. The Nasdaq 100 futures fell 0.64 percent.

The fall of the European economy also hit the Korean stock market. When the dollar depreciated and the value of the dollar rose, foreign investors were able to withdraw their funds from major emerging economies such as Korea. Following last month’s expansion of MSCI’s emerging market share in China (which accounted for less share in Korea), another supply-demand gap for foreigners was on the rise.

In fact, foreigners continued to sell for four consecutive days, pushing the KOSPI firmly.
On the 8th, KOSPI closed 28.35 points (1.31 percent) lower at 2137.44. A large number of foreigners came to sell and pulled down the index. Foreigners sold 174.5 billion won worth of securities in the securities market during the day. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix shares fell 1.46 percent and 2.06 percent, respectively, while Hyundai Motor fell 4.38 percent and NAVER 3.97 percent.

Before the opening, the KOSPI was expected to decline. The European Central Bank (ECB) monetary policy meeting was held yesterday. The ECB lowered its forecast for the eurozone this year by 0.6 percentage points from 1.7 percent to 1.1 percent. “The eurozone recession is longer and deeper than expected,” ECB Governor Mario Draghi said. The ECB also raised the interest rate on its zero interest rate schedule until the end of the year. Earlier, the European Commission also lowered its euro zone growth forecast to 1.3 percent from 1.9 percent.

The value of the dollar quickly rose. The euro is the currency that has the greatest impact on the value of the dollar. The eurozone economic downturn and easing monetary policy lead to a decline in the euro, which in turn leads to higher dollar value.

After the ECB results, the dollar index rose to 97.667, up 0.82 percent from the previous trading day, according to Bloomberg. This is higher than last October. At that time, the US stock market was hit hard by the US Federal Reserve (Fed) rising interest rates and rising dollar value.

Emerging markets seem to negatively appreciate the appreciation of the dollar. If the value of the dollar rises and the value of an emerging country’s currency falls, even if the share price rises, the return on investment in emerging markets will be reduced. There is a reason for foreign investors to get out of the Korean stock market. The stock market responded sensitively. In the overseas financial markets, the MSCI Korea index closed down 1.67% and the MSCI emerging market index fell 1.85%.

The Taiwan index

The Taiwan index fell 60 points to 10,201 points on Friday. In terms of spreads, the counter-price difference in the Taiwan index narrowed to -40.75 points, and the electronic price reversed to -4.22 points, and the financial period turned to a positive spread of 0.9 points. In the spot part, the three legal persons sold over 11.649 billion yuan. In terms of the net position of the Taiwan referee period, the net legal order of the three major legal entities decreased by 2922 to 24,719, of which the foreign capital was more single-coded and the empty singles were overweight, and the net long single was reduced by 2593. The mouth is up to 56,200; the specific legal person among the top ten traders has reduced the net long position in the month of the month by 2,928 to 25,600.

On Thursday, the three major US stock indexes continued to fall, triggering a comprehensive adjustment of selling pressure on Asian stocks. On Friday, Taiwan stocks opened at 37 points, and the weighted stocks on the market were weak. Pingsan’s three intraday losses were more than 1%, plus the shares. After the opening bell, it slammed the bullish confidence and quickly lowered the index and fell more than 100 points back to the monthly checkpoint. However, after the bargain hunting came into the market, the index did not continue to break, and the final weighted index fell 69.93 points or 0.678%. At 10,241.75 points, the volume of transactions was 104.954 billion, a decrease of 3.87 billion from the previous day. Today’s eight major stocks were mixed, with construction stocks rising 0.43% and food stocks falling 1.35%. Today’s weighted index fell by the impact of the poor performance of the international stock market, but back to the monthly line to keep and stay long shadow, showing that the bottom of the file still has support for buying power, but the foreign spot continues to sell super, the futures turned into Weighing more and more orders, the short-term index is a high-end shock pattern, the operation needs to pay attention to risks, and continue to observe the trend of foreign capital and international stock exchanges.

US stocks continued to fall, Asian stocks were short, Taiwan stocks also appeared weak this week, under the weight of the army, small and medium-sized stocks performed relatively well, the market weekly blackout, a total weekly decline of 147.42 points. Analysts said that the short-term annual line is still under pressure, that is, the index will be sorted in the range of 10,200~10,450 points, and it is better to wait for the increase in selling pressure to make corrections.

In the situation of the empty side of the game, this week’s weights and armies have been hampered. On the contrary, small and medium-sized stocks performed relatively well. The top 10 stocks in this week’s cumulative increase were Yuanfeng (3089), up 31.43%, and Yufeng (1438). Up 27.06%, Huahong (8240) up 25.98%, Ming Yang (8420) up 25.13%,

(4741) up 24.97%, Aachen (5213) up 23.75%, Murad Jiajie (4109) up 23.57 %, Fengdako (3004) rose 22.41%, Zhengyi (2392) rose 21.87%, and excellent group (3217) rose 18.69%.

Ming Yang International benefited from the stable price of raw materials and favorable exchange rate factors last year. The net profit after tax was 80.73 million yuan, the net profit per share was 1.58 yuan, and the proposed interest rate was 0.8 yuan. It is expected to be the shareholders meeting on May 31. Mingyang’s production capacity in the first quarter is fully loaded. The second plant, which was invested nearly 600 million yuan last year, is expected to be mass-produced in the third quarter, which is expected to add firewood to the operation. In terms of stock price, Ming Yang broke through the short-term consolidation interval at the beginning of this week. Although the Taiwan stock market turned black at the beginning of the day, the long-term price of the stock was fierce. The stock price went up and stopped at 26.1 yuan, and the final price closed at 24.4 yuan, or 2.74%. The volume of transactions has been enlarged to nearly 1,604, and the share price has increased by 25.13% this week.

Fengdake’s net profit after tax of 301 million yuan last year, an increase of 62.6%, and a surplus of 5.72 yuan per share, wrote a new page. Thanks to the strong demand for Leap engine new products, the performance of this year continued to be good. The revenue in February was maintained at a high level of 211 million yuan, an annual increase of 38.70%. The accumulated revenue in the previous February increased by 45.2%. Fengdako said that the biggest growth engine of this year comes from the demand growth of Leap engine. However, the average unit price and gross profit margin of Leap products are not better than the past, mainly relying on the increase in scale and the reduction of the item number to increase profits. In terms of stock price, Fonda’s MACD idling a lot, short-term average, and the stock price is on the fast break. Today, in February, the operation maintained a high-end, and the contrarian broke through the 100-yuan mark. The intraday high reached 101.5 yuan and climbed to a new peak. The final price was 100.5 yuan, and the company successfully grabbed the 100-yuan club. The cumulative increase this week was 22.41%.

Youqun’s earnings per share for the first three quarters of last year were 2.79 yuan, and the accumulated annual revenue increased by 13.75% year-on-year. January revenue increased by 6.54% month-on-month and 27.33% year-on-year. Under the expected volume of Type-C and antenna new product shipments, the Group expects that the first quarter combined revenue is expected to be better than the same period last year, and the annual results will be better than last year. In terms of stock price, excellent group MACD idling more this week, yesterday KD gold cross, today’s continuous burst of red, the highest intraday came to 49.3 yuan, the final price of 48.9 yuan, an increase of 5.5%, the volume reached 7662, this week cumulative gains Up to 18.69%.

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In the Asian trade closure, Japan Nikkei 225 index fell 2.00%. Australia's S & P / ASX 200 index lost 0.96%. On the other hand, Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index trading was down 1.93%.

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