YouTuber Kang is Likely to go to a Trial…to Make Money From New Coronavirus

With the spread of new coronavirus infections in Korea, the public’s anger about YouTubers who use them as a means of making money increases.

Youmo Kang, a 20-year-old, recently told the Busan subway “I am from Wuhan. Pneumonia. Fall away, ”he was caught by the police while pretending to be a new corona patient. In a police investigation, he said, “I wanted to be famous on YouTube.” Kang appeared to have posted videos on SNS that fell down as if he was infected not only in the subway but also in the middle of a busy city.

Later, he put up a police mockery on YouTube and cheated. Even after the court rejected the arrest warrant on the 11th, it embarrassed those who watched the video celebrating “This is not just a warrant, but a victory from state power and a victory of justice.”

Netizens are demanding “strong punishment” for his move beyond the province, but it is said that the punishment may be fined.

Kang told his YouTube channel on the 10th, “What I did is not a serious crime. “There is a case that may be a serious objection to society, but at most, I was told that a misdemeanor fine of 2 to 30,000 won will be paid.” However, this is likely to be my guess.

A legal official said,  “Kang is likely to go to a formal trial because he was trying to make use of the severe situation in the country to make a profit,” he said.

In the situation where these videos could make a real profit for Kang, YouTube has begun to counter the procrastination. On October 10, Google announced that it would not post ads on content related to the new coronavirus after criticism against various rumors related to the new corona and fake news.

But even such procrastination is still lukewarm. The most recent content uploaded by  Kang in regards to the new corona is the video titled “ Restriction . ” Advertisements are still on the video. YouTube is an overseas operator and is not under the control of the Korean Broadcasting and Communication Deliberation Committee, so criticism that it is difficult to respond quickly unless Google is strict at midnight.

Pretending to be infected on the subway… Fake Video Take Horror:

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