“Zidane has Put Bogba at the Top of his Mind”

With anticipation and negotiations between Real Madrid and Juventus, Manchester United have revealed the price demanded to give up Paul Pogpa this summer.

According to the Mirror newspaper, a source confirmed that the “Red Devils” had informed the clubs that they were ready to sell Paul Bogba for 170 million euros.

Zidane decides the Battle of Bogba “Interior”
Experts expected the high figure to be “regrettable” for Europe’s top clubs, especially as Boga’s level fluctuated during his Premiership game.

The high number will add to the task of French coach Zinedine, Zidane, especially after reports earlier that he had a clear intention to sign with Real Madrid’s Bogba.

Zinedine has confirmed that Zidane has put Bogba at the top of his mind, while club president Florentino Perez insists on signing Tottenham Hotspur’s Christian Eriksen because of his low price and ease of contract.

The news of Pogpa’s price came hours after news of Juventus coach Fabio Paracchi’s meeting with Manchester United in London to negotiate Bogba’s return to UEFA.

The high amount may be the way Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solshire to keep the French star for another season with the team, or may be trying to get the highest amount possible for sale.

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