Vivo APEX 2019: Almost No Frames and Buttons

Among the huge number of similar smartphones in the past year, with the efforts of Vivo, a charismatic and original NEX appeared.

Not the most practical and reliable in a number of parameters, but original. This year, the company again wants to declare itself loudly and in two days is preparing a surprise for us in the form of a Vivo APEX 2019.

This is expected to be such a thing in a metal or glass case that has no sharp edges, and all the lines are smooth and smooth. Today, the well-known supplier of leaks, Benjamin Geskin, shared with a wide audience of images, which he claims are depicted in vivo APEX 2019.

In this version, the smartphone is really dressed in a streamlined body and the associations with a drop of water are clear, and also it is similar to the device, the images of which were previously demonstrated by another techno-spy Ice Universe. On the front side, a display with a rather thin chin was installed, and it is devoid of any cuts. As in this model, the issue with the front camera is resolved, there is no understanding. Perhaps, the sliding block of the self-camera will be installed here again, or the novelty will be made in the slider form factor. On the back side, there are two vertically mounted lenses in a row, and everything indicates that the fingerprint scanner is embedded in the display. It is curious that the smartphone is devoid of side volume and shutdown keys. Will the new look exactly like that, we will know very soon. The presentation is scheduled for January 24th.


Vivo APEX 2019 images: a smartphone with almost no frames and no buttons – photo 2