The Hottest Hats of the Summer 2019

Hats are the perfect accessory to make your look glam and today you can choose from an infinite number of models. From borsalino to straw ones, choose the one that best suits your style

For the 2019 summer , without limits! In addition to the great classics – with wide brims, for example – there are those with the Eighties style visor and more. Yes, because even super-glam scarves, headbands and turbans are added.

As a fisherman

Once upon a time there were the Nineties … and they are still there. They have never gone out of fashion, on the contrary they come back stronger than ever in the ready-to-wear collections. Even for accessories. So what’s better than showing off a hat in Nineties style? Just like the fisherman’s one … a real legacy of that decade! In fact, remember what you used to go fishing … already, but with more touches of liveliness! The reason? The hats are declined in pastel colors, perhaps rich in flowers that make this model – generally intended for men – more feminine and delicate.

From gaucho

The peculiarity of this model? The wide brim! Gaucho-style hats are real must-haves for summer 2019. They are inspired by the Argentinean gauchos and show off on the beach with the best costumes to give them a touch of glamor! In addition to the classic version, there are those rich in details – with stones, shells or bows. Some are declined in neutral colors, others in pastel shades … and not only! You could even wear them with a pair of high-waisted palazzo pants and a light blouse for your walks by the sea! Super romantic!

The turbans

Do you want an alternative to hats? Green light for turbans. You could even create it yourself, thanks to the super colorful scarves. On the web there are many tutorials that will be really useful to create your favorite (and definitely personalized!) Model. Choose a piece of fabric with cheerful prints and roll it over your head in very original ways. The turban is usually in cotton, with more or less thick wefts, or you will find it in silk. If you are not practical, you could buy a ready-made one (there are several on the market and in online stores!).

Are you ready to show off the trendiest hat for summer 2019? Browse the gallery we have prepared for you!

Borsalino style

Are you a true lover of classic (and vintage) style? You can’t miss the chance to wear a hat in a borsalino style. You must know, in fact, that in addition to being an evergreen, it gives a charming allure to your looks! They are usually found in felt, but the summer versions are super light. Yes, because the materials used are mostly the raffia in full colonial style. The 2019 summer bags are rich in contrasting ribbons – red or black – but even with pastel details like pink. And that’s not all. Yes, because there are even those with the details of shells. Super glam!

In straw

It is the summer hat par excellence. Yeah, because this straw model is the accessory you can’t miss in your wardrobe and you’ll show off both on the beach and in the city! There are many models: from the wide brim to the hats with the visor. The smaller ones in size are perfect for your casual outfits, for example with cotton pants and cool blouses. Those with the wider brim, instead, are the ideals to add to your beachwear looks. In full explorer style!