BMW 3 Series Touring to be Exhibited at Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

BMW announced that it will exhibit its new “3 Series Touring” at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, which will open in Germany on September 10th.

The new body size is 4709mm long, 1827mm wide, 1470mm high, and wheel base 2851mm. It is 76mm longer, 16mm wide and 8mm taller than its predecessor. The wheelbase extends 41mm. The front / rear weight distribution is 50/50.

The new model adopts the new generation BMW design concept while inheriting the tradition of more than 40 years of the 3 series, such as the BMW traditional kidney grill and the sporty and precise press line.

The Kidney Grill has a two-part design that is edged with a single frame to create a more three-dimensional shape that expresses the spread in the horizontal direction and has an aggressive design with a low center of gravity. The headlight has an acute cutout in the center of the lower side. A roof rail is standard equipment. The rear quarter window has a new design that curves upward as the lower line goes back.

The cargo space capacity was 500 liters (VDA measurement) with the rear seats in the normal state, an increase of 5 liters compared to the predecessor. The rear seats can be folded in three parts. Cargo capacity will be expanded to a maximum of 1510 liters. It is an increase of 10 liters compared to the previous model. An electric tailgate, glass hatch, underfloor storage, and partition net are standard equipment.
For the interior, “BMW Operating System 7.0” was introduced. This is a display and operation concept based on the concept of transmitting necessary information to the driver at an appropriate time. The 10.25 inch control display and 12.3 inch full digital meter panel can be customized for each driver.

The control display is easy to use and optimized for the touch operation, and has improved accessibility to various functions and settings. It is also equipped with content that changes according to the situation, and can be set to display the lateral acceleration force during cornering, such as during sports driving. Equipped with steering wheel buttons, “iDrive controller” located on the center console, touch-compatible display, voice control and gesture control, so that the driver can operate most easily and without changing posture or line of sight , Access necessary information and settings without stress.

A full digital meter panel with a 12.3-inch display makes it possible to display a part of the navigation map in the center of the display between the left and right meters that display speed and rotation speed. With the improved head-up display, visibility is improved and the driver can receive the necessary information while concentrating on

2.0 turbo “330i” is 258hp
The “330i” grade is equipped with a direct injection 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder gasoline turbo engine that has been improved in detail. A twin scroll turbocharger, high-precision gasoline direct injection system, continuously variable valve control system “Valvetronic” and variable camshaft control system “Double VANOS” were adopted.

Compared with the engine of the previous model, the torque increase of 5.1kgm is realized in almost all normal rotation ranges. Maximum output increased by 6hp. In addition, by improving the high-precision direct injection system, the fuel injection pressure has been increased to 350bar, which is 200bar higher than before, and fine mist-like fuel is directly injected into the combustion chamber to improve combustion efficiency. Furthermore, weight reduction of the crankshaft, suppression of internal friction, and optimization of thermal management have been performed to reduce noise and improve response.

The specs are a maximum output of 258hp / 5000-6500rpm and a maximum torque of 40.8kgm / 1550-4400rpm. The transmission was combined with an 8-speed steptronic. It has the performance of 0-100km / h acceleration 5.9 seconds, maximum speed 250km / h (limiter operation).

The latest advanced driver assistance system

Introducing the newly developed “BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant” utilizing AI (artificial intelligence). This is a function that enables vehicle operation and access to information by voice conversation alone. Unlike conventional voice input, it can understand driver’s instructions and questions in words that are closer to natural conversations, and can activate appropriate functions and services.

The driver’s preference is learned according to the frequency of use, and the longer you ride, the more you can play a role as a driving partner. One of the features of BMW’s intelligent personal assistant is that the driver can freely name the system. For example, when starting up the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, not only “OK, BMW” but also a word to call can be set arbitrarily.

The “Parking Assistant” uses the reverse assist function introduced from the new “8 Series”. As a result, it is possible to store up to 50 m of the route that the vehicle has just advanced, and to accurately return the same route back. By utilizing this function, it becomes possible to return to the original route safely and accurately, for example, when it is difficult to pass an oncoming vehicle on a narrow road.

The new model adopts the latest advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), which has improved accuracy and accuracy with the newly introduced high-performance trinocular camera, high-performance processor and radar. Active cruise control with stop & go function, lane change warning, lane departure warning, steering & lane control assist, side collision protection, collision avoidance / damage reduction brake with accident avoidance steering, cross traffic warning are available.