“Apple” Reveals its Latest Watches And Tablet Device

Also new is the subscription of “Apple One” in the streaming platforms, music and video games of “Apple”, as well as in its computational service (telematics).

The basic subscription price starts at $ 14.95 per month, and will be available this fall in about 100 countries, while the price of the family subscription is set at $ 19.95 per month.

Also, “Apple” announced new models of its two tablets, “iPad” (starting at $ 329) and “iPad Air” (starting at $ 599).

Apple did not mention during this hypothetical presentation of the new 5G version of its iPhone, which consumers have been waiting for, as is Wall Street.

And a number of experts expected that next month the company will likely hold a display exclusively for its new phone.

Some reported that this delay was due to a delay in production due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The two companies, “Samsung” and “LG”, the two South Korean competitors of “Apple”, have put on the market types of their phones that work with the technology of the fifth generation.

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