Every 10 Office Worker About have Constipation Problems

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According to statistics, for every 10 office workers, about 5 have constipation problems, which is more than 50%! If you want to have a smooth bowel movement every day, you can improve it by “eating.” By taking these five foods more, you can avoid the pain of stool.

Do you also suffer from “difficult bowel movements”? Because of the busy life of modern people, working overtime, staying up late, eating three meals indiscriminately, “the problem of full stomach and defecation” has become a daily routine. Medical research shows that as long as the stool frequency is less than 3 times a week, the volume is reduced, or the bowel movement is difficult, it is classified as “constipation.”

Work pressure is high, and have long-term problems with bowel movements? According to statistics, for every 10 office workers, about 5 have constipation problems, which is more than 50%! If you want to have a smooth bowel movement every day, you can improve it by “eating.” By taking these five foods more, you can avoid the pain of stool.

Irregular bowel movements

To relieve constipation, many people think of solutions, including supplementing dietary fiber, enzymes, and probiotics. That’s right! These are indeed useful, but do not necessarily rely on health foods. The following 5 super defecation foods that are common in life are also recommended.

5 Super defecation foods
1. Yogurt
Speaking of probiotics, you will definitely think of yogurt or yogurt. They all contain lactic acid bacteria, which is a kind of probiotics, which can effectively improve intestinal health and help soften feces. But try to avoid choosing high-sugar yogurt, sugary lactic acid beverages. If you drink too much, you will consume more calories.

2. Miso
In cold weather and reduced mobility, I just want to hide in a warm bed or drink a bowl of hot soup to keep warm. As for the choice of soup, it is recommended to drink “Miso Soup”; miso is produced by fermenting soybeans. Probiotics are produced during the production process, which not only helps digestion, promotes gastrointestinal motility, solves constipation, but also reduces cholesterol ,Skincare!

3. Kimchi
Fermented kimchi is a food marinated with salt, spices, and seafood. During the fermentation process, a large number of plant-based lactic acid bacteria will be produced, which is very helpful for adjusting the intestinal environment and eliminating constipation! Compared with animal-based lactic acid bacteria, plant-based lactic acid bacteria are more tolerant to the acidic environment and can reach the intestinal tract alive and play a role. The survival rate is 10 times that of animal-based lactic acid bacteria.

In addition, kimchi is also rich in nutrients, such as vitamins A and B, dietary fiber, and minerals. Spicy kimchi can accelerate fat burning and lower cholesterol. This is why Korean girls love kimchi so much.

4. Fruits: banana, apple, kiwi
Most fruits are rich in dietary fiber, which helps smooth bowel movements, especially bananas, kiwis, and apples. They must be promoted to eliminate stool!

Bananas contain water-soluble fiber and minerals potassium and magnesium, which can stabilize nerves, relieve anxiety, and make bowel movements smooth; but be aware that “unripe bananas” contain tannins, which may inhibit gastric acid secretion and gastrointestinal motility. Causes constipation to become more serious.

In addition, apples are also water-soluble fiber, which can absorb water and stimulate the intestines. However, after eating so many bananas and apples, taking in too much fiber, but not replenishing water, it becomes unable to promote intestinal peristalsis, and it cannot let fiber in In the process of forming stool, the intestine becomes dry and hard, so that constipation occurs.

Kiwifruit is very special. It contains two types of water-soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. The ratio is 1:2. It is called the golden ratio that can help defecation most! In addition, kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C. It is one of the foods for lactic acid bacteria in the intestine. It can increase the number of beneficial bacteria, help improve the intestinal tract, help intestinal peristalsis, and prevent constipation.

Among them, kiwi fruit can also be added with this magical secret “olive oil”. According to an American biochemist, Michael Field, once studied the absorption of olive oil in the small intestine and found that olive oil is not easily absorbed by the small intestine, which helps Lubricate the intestines, and eat with kiwi fruit, the bowel effect will be better.

5. Sweet potatoes, brown rice
Similarly, sweet potatoes and brown rice are also rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and increase satiety. It is suitable for eating before meals. It can reduce food intake and prevent you from overeating during dinner. It can help you lose weight. , Help defecation.

Why do you always have trouble defecation?
People who are usually troubled by constipation are related to their lifestyle and daily diet. Here are the reasons for constipation. Examine why you always have trouble defecation~

1. Drink too little water
Remember, you must drink enough water every day. Drinking too little water will cause fiber to stay in the intestines, which will lead to constipation and hard stools.

2. Insufficient activity
Although the weather is getting colder and colder, we still have to move! When you move, your body will gradually heat up. If the activity level is too low, not only will the blood circulation be poor, but the gastrointestinal movements will also slow down.

3. Environmental changes
Such as moving, traveling, or pregnancy, changes in the environment and physique will also affect the smooth flow of bowel movements. Especially when traveling abroad, there will always be the problem of “Uh” not coming out. Once I sit on the toilet in the restaurant for a long time~ This may be because there is too little water to drink abroad, the meals are big fish and meat without vegetables, and the toilet is worried about the impact The schedule is holding back urine and stool, or the schedule is too tight, and the people involved are so nervous, they all retract into the body!

4. Too much pressure
Students and office workers are always stressed. Whether facing exams or performance, please remember that you must relax at the right time. Don’t keep the pressure in your body. Go outdoors and chat with friends. , Let the pressure fly out~

5. Disease
For example, diseases related to the large intestine: irritable bowel, inflammation of the large intestine, hemorrhoids, or taking some drugs, may cause constipation.

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