The first session of the week on green on Monday amid the optimism of investors in the global financial markets about the progress of trade talks between the United States and China in Beijing last week, which will be completed this week in Washington after praising both US President Donald Trump and his Chinese President Shi Jinping The talks progressed at the end of last week.


US President Trump said last Friday that trade talks with China were going very well and he would be happy to cancel tariffs if an agreement was reached between the world’s top economists avoiding trade protectionism and a trade war. China is closer than ever, and there is a possibility of extending the trade truce between China and China.


On the other hand, Chinese President Xi Jinping also said on Friday that trade talks between his country and the United States will be completed in Washington this week, adding that he hoped that negotiators by the two sides will reach a trade agreement ending the escalation of trade protection expected to end the truce of trade between his country And the United States by the beginning of next month.


We would like to point out that US Trade Representative Robert Laitheiser noted during his meeting last weekend with Chinese President Jinping that there are still many issues and challenges to a trade agreement between China and China, although he said that the trade talks during the week The past has been positive between the two sides, amid the discussion of the importance of progress in some of the outstanding issues outstanding through trade negotiations.


In the same vein, White House economic adviser Lawrence Kudlow said last weekend that the administration of US President Trump would not yet decide whether to extend the US-China trade truce for 60 days to early May, and would not To provide for the planned increase in tariffs on Chinese goods worth about $ 200 billion to 25 percent by the beginning of next month or not.


Japan’s top Nikkei 225 index gained 1.78% to close at 372.53 points, reaching 21,273.16 points.


China’s index rose by nearly 2 percent. The CSI 300 rose 2.10 percent to 69.97 points, reaching 3,408.67. The Shanghai index rose 1.73 percent to 46.54 points, reaching 2,728.92.


Hong Kong stocks rose 1.76% to 491.90 points, reaching 28,392.74. South Korea’s Kospi rose 0.75% to 16.37 points, reaching 2,212.46.


To the NZX 50 index of New Zealand shares, which rose 0.16% to 14.61 points to reach 9,260.26. On the other hand, Australia’s S & P / ASX 200 index is up 0.38% to gain 23.00 points and reach 6,089.10


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