Autonomous Delivery Robot on Your Doorstep!

Cleveron already has some experience in delivering online orders. Among other things, the company operates the self-collectors’ stations in Walmart’s branches. However, it is much more complex to actually bring the individual orders home to the customer. In logistics, this is referred to as the “last mile”. That’s exactly why the company has developed a solution: the delivery robot Lotte. It looks like a miniature futuristic car and can navigate through the city without a driver. When they arrive at their destination, the vehicle finally uses the integrated gripper arm to place the order in a designated box.

Food can be kept warm for up to two hours
In this way, the goods can also be delivered when the customer is not at home. However, this only applies if one of the CleverPod mentioned boxes is present. The company does not distribute these for free. Rather, the receiving stations are to be rented for 15 euros a month. But the devices also have some interesting features. This way, the customer is informed on his mobile phone as soon as a consignment has been delivered. When it comes to delivering food, the CleverPod ensures that the food is kept warm for around two hours. The question is, will actually enough customers be willing to pay regularly for the receiving station. In the ideal case, it is definitely an interesting business model with constant monthly revenues.

There is already an established competitor with Starship Enterprises

The system will be tested from the year 2020 in Estonia. If there are initial successes, further European countries could be taken into consideration. However, this is not the first autonomous delivery robot on the market. For example, the Finnish company Starship Enterprises has also developed an autonomous vehicle for the delivery of goods on the last mile. With Dominos Pizza and Media Markt, the first well-known companies have already been acquired as customers in Germany. The Starship robot, however, relies on someone being at home and taking the order out of the integrated delivery box. Cleveron wants to solve this problem better with the robotic arm and the company’s own delivery boxes.