Make Your Relationship Happier

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing two old people walk hand-in-hand, their faces wrinkled by time, and love still intact after decades of living together. How to move passers by in a few years and show them that love can last a lifetime? Answer in 8 lessons + a great metaphorical conclusion that will change your life.

In order to remain in the metaphors, let’s say that a couple is also like a magnificent tower that we build. Initially, we feel the ground, then we put some foundations, then we start to build and we put more and more bricks.

Sounds consistent? So what lessons can we draw from this image?

If one of you is gnawed inside by problems that he tries to solve and he flees them by locking himself in the relationship, the tower will crack, because built on rusty bases.

If you have not built on good foundations, you are not totally in phase and you are not raw materials,  that is to say yourself, without artifice  the tower will collapse.

If one brings more stones than the other, the tower will lean in one direction and break the figure.

If you are too stressed in repeating that the tower will fall, you will panic, the construction will freeze, compress and implode.

If you stop building, no longer listening to the other and no longer interested in your partner, the tower will age, become a ruin of the past and it will collapse.

If you continue to build with  by living a lot of cool things, learning from , with hi, planning and implementing projects, and having the same vision of construction, the tower will continue to push, to push to push, very high …

Indeed, with our series of short relationships (or a longer strand), we recognize more in the term “provisional” than in “united by marriage”.

And then today, the vision of the old-fashioned couple is obsolete: it is more likely to act as two singles for a dance of love than as two faithful and dedicated partners.

1. Believe it
The biggest secret in life, for things to work, is to believe it. If everything is already going well between you, you are deeply in love and you want to build a beautiful story for two, start by telling you that it has no written end.

Why be pessimistic when all is well, mazos band? Stop hurting yourself unnecessarily, stress for nothing and repeat that you have EVERYTHING to live together for a good year. Otherwise, you will suffocate the other and smother your pretty relationship. Which is absurd.

However, by relieving yourself of this fear and pressure, you will have a light heart, breathe freedom and joy of life, serenity, see things from a positive angle and therefore give even more love and happiness to your spouse. The jackpot, what!

2. Be a woman before being a girlfriend
The biggest kills-the love of a couple? It’s when you think you’re nothing without your man. How many women have stuck their buddy, very possessive and anxious, repeating that without him they are nothing? Nothing better to choke a guy and make him run away!

Once again, you have to DECLARE and tell yourself that if it stops, it is that it was not the good one. And that you will find the rare pearl elsewhere. Because the soul mate does not exist. In fact, in this world you have sevral  souls. Still happy: you imagine the chances of meeting a guy, if not?

Keep this in mind allows you to relativize and continue to build, in addition to life together, his own life. Having a great personal life and an extra couple life is not the best?

Moreover, any situation of dependence is unhealthy. The proof in a little (not so) fictitious dialogue:

“Why be so dependent?
It’s because we need!
Why do we need?
It’s because it brings us a lot of things and is a bit like a missing piece of ourselves.
So, to summarize, being so dependent is the cause of a lack that we have in us and that we seek in the other?
But you have everything you need in you! Often, we seek in others things that we do not assume, that scare us and repressed (in our past, our present or our personality), which creates irremediably an unhealthy situation and that maintains our discomfort . So, we become aware of our geniality, we assume everything at home, we stop being afraid and let go!

This is how you will be the woman you must be, happy, free and fulfilled. As the sage says, you can not be good with someone if you are not good with yourself. Conclusion: be good with your partner first before letting someone in. And there, it will only work.

3. Be tolerant
Over time, when the hormonal magic diminishes, the small defects of the other tend to annoy us, more and more, whereas deep down we know that it is the good one.

Instead of bitching, look at yourself in an ice cream: you too have lots of flaws! And then in the end, what annoys you at home, these are just details. So we stop focusing on it, complaining, asking too much.

Instead, put on positive glasses to see first and foremost everything that goes well! It’s nicer like that, right?

4. Communication
In speaking, everything is often (very) easily resolved whereas if we hold back our doubts and our anger, everything will only get amplified, like a ball of dust that grows and grows if it is left in a corner. Or a pressure cooker that explodes with too much pressure.

Are you fed up with the fact that he forgot to go down the trash? Rather than jump on him and overwhelm him with disproportionate reproaches, make him notice calmly, with diplomacy and pedagogy. Yes, a bit like Super Nanny, but a couple version.

5. Unplug the brain
Love works with the heart, not with the brain. Let yourself be carried away without listening to your reason AND ESPECIALLY NOT the others. Rather than trying to rationalize something that CAN NOT be streamlined, trust and trust life. The most beautiful love stories are often those that defy reason …

Do you live a long distance relationship? Continue without taking the lead, you will find a solution! Do you have an age difference? And so, leave this problem to your future yourself. Fears about your couple overwhelm you? Open your heart to your man, even if you are afraid of looking silly or hurting him; otherwise pressure cooker.

If your relationship is respectful and love is there, just enjoy it!

6. Being a unique couple
Each couple is different, with their own characters, their own story. It is therefore useless and dangerous to try to follow other models. We can listen to the advice of couples who last but not fall into mimicry. Love has no law. It is this unique character of relationships that makes this state so beautiful.

On the other hand, maintain the flame by continuing to have fun in bed. Here too, unplug your brain and let yourself go! Who knows, you may discover in you a great adventurer o …